5 Carpet Cleaning Myths: DEBUNKED

Myths are a big part of our life. We trust some stuff that has been handed down to us through generations, without even trying to find the logic behind it. Unfortunately, unlike some of your grandmother’s traditional family recipe tweaks, which could be awesome, most of the information and “facts” about carpet cleaning are wrong, a myth. That time was different. The climatic conditions, carpet fabric, cleaning techniques, and most of all, the technology was different, less advanced. Those tips might be good for that time, but imagine how wise it would be if you keep relying on those old tips at this time, considering how much the things have changed? Not very wise, I’d say. So, to stay well informed and well guided, it’s necessary to put those myths to rest and start understanding the real facts about carpet cleaning by hiring a good West Palm Beach carpet cleaning company. Through this post, we hope to debunk all the carpet cleaning myths that have blinded your ability to reason and think logically and to make you aware of things that you can do to make your carpet long lasting.

#1 Myth: Carpet cleaning will shrink your carpet.

Fact: Proper carpet cleaning will never shrink your carpet. It happens only when you are misinformed, and your DIY experiment fails, or your amateur carpet cleaning company forgot to dry your carpet completely and left it wet. A good West Palm Beach carpet cleaning company will never allow such mistake to happen. So, after the cleaners have done their job, it’s your responsibility to check that the carpet is completely dry and if it’s not, ask them to get it done. Also, try not to perform your DIY experiments on your carpet if you don’t have proper knowledge about it.

#2 Myth: Your new carpet does not require to be cleaned for a couple of years.

Fact: It’s true that some carpets can hide more dirt than others, and the stains are also less visible on them. But that doesn’t mean they are 100% clean and do not require professional cleaning. Hidden or visible, the dirt is going to destroy your carpet of you don't take care of it in time. It acts as abrasive and wears out your carpet quickly. Your carpet may lose it’s fiber protection and color if the dirt stays in the fibers. So, if you are still not convinced about it and planning to wait for some years before cleaning your carpet, know this, dirty carpets also cause health hazards like respiratory problems, skin issues, allergies, and infections, etc. So, if you have kids at home, we strongly recommend that you don’t make a mistake to wait. Find a good West Palm Beach carpet cleaning service and get your carpet professionally cleaned every six months or at least once a year.

#3 Myth: Carpet needs to be cleaned ONLY when it’s stained.

Fact: As mentioned in the point above, if you can't see dirt on the carpet, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. There are many DIY methods by which you can take care of small stains. But, carpet cleaning shouldn’t be dependent on stains. Apart from vacuuming the carpet regularly, get it professionally cleaned once a year, especially if you have kids and pets in your home.

#4 Myth: You don’t need a professional carpet cleaner because you have a vacuum cleaner.

Fact: Seriously? Okay, we agree that having a vacuum cleaner and a couple of carpet cleaning products at home is convenient. But that’s only useful for routine dust cleaning and occasional light stain removal. Don’t think your small vacuum cleaner can match the cleaning power of a professional machine. Professional equipment is heavy and powerful, manufactured for serious carpet cleaning. They suck out the dust even from the deep fibers of your carpet, which you can’t even dream about cleaning with your regular machine. So don’t even think about comparing the two. Clean your house regularly with your home machines and products, and hire a West Palm Beach carpet cleaning company for professional cleaning.

#5 Myth: Choose the cheapest carpet cleaning company as they all are same.

Fact: Hiring a carpet cleaning company just because it is providing you the cheapest service, would be the worst mistake of your life. They will not only ruin your carpet but may also damage it beyond recovery. Now, what’s easier - hiring a good carpet cleaning company or changing the entire carpeting of your house? Do proper research before you make your choice and remember that you may not get the best service at a cheap price, but it would definitely be the best decision you make for your carpet.

These were five myths about carpet cleaning that needed to be debunked. We hope that now you would be able to take care of your carpet in a better way. If you are looking for a good company for carpet cleaning in West Palm Beach, visit Dri&Kleen Home Services NOW. It’s a family-owned and operated carpet cleaning company, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.