Few DIY Tile and Grout Cleaning Methods for Best Results

Most of the times tiles are white or light colored; this means that the chance of them getting dirty is also very high. Areas with heavy foot traffic or backsplashes suffer the most. So you should take special care, especially in kitchen and washroom areas. You can start with some simple home methods and solutions to clean your tile and grout.

DIY cleaning techniques that you can try before calling professionals -

  1. One effective way of cleaning tile and grout is with vinegar. Vinegar can ask like magic on tile and grout surfaces. It not only cleans the dirt and whitens the tiles it also removes all kinds of smell from the tile.
  1. Baking soda mixed with vinegar also cleans your grout in no time. First, you have apply baking soda evenly on the grout. Then spray vinegar on top of it and leave it for a couple of minutes and clean it. Do not keep the solution for too long; the effect might be reversed.  
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide with water in a spray bottle can help you remove stains. Leave it for 45 minutes and then wipe it clean.
  1. Oxygenated bleach and warm water also work well on dirty tile and grout surfaces. Leave it for a while and scrub it later

Instead of spending hours scrubbing with chemicals or commercial grout cleaners, it is better to use one of these DIY methods for best results

How can I make a tile cleaner at home?

The best way to make a tile cleaner that can work wonders, use three-fourth cup baking soda, half cup vinegar, one-fourth cup lemon juice. To this solution add about three Tablespoons salt and dishwashing liquid. You should mix the solution and pour it into a spray bottle or just apply it directly on the grout surface. Scrub and wash it with water to tiles as soon as new.  

What should I do to keep my tile and grout clean?

  • Wipe tile floors on a regular basis
  • Vacuum floors at least three times a week
  • If any spillage occurs clean it as soon as possible
  • Do not let any dirt settle on the tile surface
  • Pick up big particles with hand
  • Use a dry mop to  sweep the floor before using a wet one
  • Do not bleach or use harmful chemicals
  • Use soft brushes to scrub
  • For smaller and tough stains in the corners use a toothbrush
  • Test smaller areas if you are using any cleaner

If it has been over a year since you have last cleaned your tile and grout professionally, you should get it cleaned as soon as possible. Dirty grout gives and old appearance to your floors which might make your house look extremely messy. You might have to invest a lot of time to get back the original shine.

In such cases, it is best to trust professional tile and grout cleaning services. Hire a professional cleaner at just $0.25 PER SQ. FT. Call Dri & Kleen Home Services at 305-742-1620 and get a thorough cleaning. You can get rid of tough stains and make floors look new.