Which are Some of the Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits?

Has your dryer run time increased recently?

If it has, it could probably be due to lint buildup. Dryer vent cleaning is more of a necessity than a choice because excessive lint can lead to a fire. To prevent this, you need to keep the dryer clean as much as possible.

Professionals in and around Boca Raton offer the best dryer vent cleaning services as they are well equipped and have the experience in thorough dryer vent cleaning.

That said, hiring a professional dryer vent cleaning company every time there is lint buildup might not be the best solution.

Hence, it helps to know certain DIY methods that can help in effective dryer vent cleaning.

There are two broad types of dryer vent kits. You can invest in any one based on your requirement.

#1 - For Electric Clothes Dryer

A dryer transition duct, a lint reservoir, and adjustable clamps. It might also have a mounting ring.

This kit should only be used in case of an electric clothes dryer. Don’t use it for the ones that work on gas. Mounting ring is included so reservoir can be secured at an easy to reach height on the wall.

#2 - For the Other Dryers

A long, about 10-foot dryer vent duct brush, a lint trap vent brush, and a flexible vacuum hose.

The dryer vent brush removes lint and debris that gets built up on the inside of the duct. The lint trap vent brush as well as the vacuum hose attachment will help clean the lint trap of the dryer thoroughly.

Why Buy Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits?

With cleaning kits, you can keep the dryer running both safely and efficiently. It helps in cutting the drying time and increases the dryer's performance.

It also effectively reduces the risk of dryer fire by getting out the lint built in the dryer and the dryer duct.

How to Clean Dryer Vents?

You have to remove lint after each load. Initially, for cleaning dryer vent at home, start with the brush. You can attach it to the vacuum hose to reach corners which you cannot otherwise.

You need to pull out the lint and debris stuck in different parts of the dryer all along the way up to the outlet.

Doing this once might not extract all the lint out. You might have to repeat this a couple of times to get the lint completely out.

It might take you a while but you will be amazed by the results and how much lint has been trapped in your vent. You need to clean the lint catcher also.

After cleaning the vent trap you need to clean the duct, a large brush will come handy to clean the duct.

You can spin the brush inside and remove all the lint stuck. Clean the brush separately later. Repeat the process twice to make sure you have removed the dirt completely.

After an efficient round of cleaning, you will notice the following:

  • Significant increase in drying time almost double than an unclean dryer vent.
  • Reduction in your utility bills due to less consumption of electricity.
  • It is cheaper than calling for professional help every time.

Cleaning your dryer vent by yourself once every six months is sufficient and will help save money and time. You can remove the right amount of lint from your dryer and solve your dryer issues.

Even though DIY saves you money, your dryer needs professional help, at least once a year depending on usage. For professional help in dryer vent cleaning in Boca Raton, call Dri & Kleen Home Services at 305-742-1620.