3 Reasons Why You Should Get Ceramic Tiles Cleaned by a Professional Cleaner

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular flooring options. They are more commonly used in office buildings, real estate offices, medical buildings, and homes. These hard surfaces are suitable for floors that see high foot traffic as it's easy to sweep up, and there is hardly any need to vacuum the floor. However, you can easily notice dirt, scuff marks, smudges, and other unseen blemishes on ceramic flooring than carpets or wood flooring.

Only by taking help from a commercial tile and grout cleaning service nearby, you will be able to fix these problems.

But, it is also important that you should be able to recognize common issues with ceramic tiles. Here are some issues with ceramic surfaces you should look for.

Uneven Color Fading

Tiles can get discolored due to a variety of different reasons depending on the type of tile. Grout haze forming on the ceramic tiles can be one of the reasons that cause the tiles to look discolored or faded. The use of acids and cleaning chemicals are also a factor that boosts discoloration of ceramic tiles. Some tiles are not suitable to be exposed to harsh detergents and cleaners, as they wear down the ceramic tile's natural protective glaze. Ceramic tile surfaces that are continuously introduced to soaps start attracting the fat in the soaps which makes it even harder to get an accurate cleaning of the tiles.

  • A professional tile and grout service uses auto scrubber machinery which helps in removing thick dirt buildup and buffs on the surface giving a new like appearance.
  • A professional acid wash service will dilute filmy based elements like grease, oil and soap build-up, and clean the tile surface without damaging the protective coating.

Formation of Grout Haze

Ceramic tile grout haze is that cloudy, semi-transparent film that forms on the surface of the tile flooring, which gives the tile a dirty look. This occurs because of either of these two reasons:

  • The surface wasn't cleaned before setting the fresh grout applied to the tiles.
  • When washing the tile surface, sediments of the grout were absorbed by nearby tile pores which affect the grout color.

You can attempt to clean the grout haze yourself with mixing one-half vinegar with warm water and scrubbing the grout lines. But, hiring a professional tile and grout service will clean your ceramic tiles using green cleaning materials to get rid of the haze. They will also save you time and return the former shine to your tile.

Dirt Particles Set Inside the Grout

Since tile and grout are porous, dirt and grime from heavy foot traffic will get embedded inside the flooring. Hence, these surfaces require a much deeper cleaning than what simple mopping can accomplish.

A professional tile and grout cleaner will know the best way to remove dirt from hard surface floors. The floor is first vacuumed to clear any debris and dirt particles. Then, with a hot water extractor machine, the entire surface is buffed up to remove deeper residues. Professional cleaners use special buffers specifically designed for hard flooring.

You can easily solve the above problems by hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service near you in the state of Florida.