Clean tile floors and grout regularly for healthy living

Tiles tend to lose their original lustre after a certain point of time due to the exposure to moisture and foot traffic.  It is a very natural phenomenon that things rust or loosen after constant usage.

If dirty water puddles up in any tiled areas of the house even if the water evaporates the dirt remains in the tiles. The tiles tend to catch this dirt, and it gets almost embedded to the tiles. So it is always recommended that you use a white towel or cloth to clean the moist tile and understand how much dirt it holds. You will notice much to your surprise the cloth is turning black. That is how much dirt we leave behind every time we let water or moisture puddle up in the corner of our houses.

This also sometimes happens when we use some strong chemicals or detergents on the tile surfaces and not clean it with plain water afterward, it leads to discoloration of tiles. You should always wash the tile surfaces with plain water and dry the floor after the tile cleaning process is over. You have to ensure that you have removed any puddled water that has accumulated in the tile and grout joints as it may loosen the tile and spoil it completely.

Dirty grout can give rise to bacterial growth, molds, and mildew. If there are puddled grout areas, it not only ruins the aesthetic beauty of the place it will also give rise to a lot of diseases. Having dirty tile and grout is a health hazard that you must avoid by regularly mopping and keeping tile and grout areas clean.

How often should I get professional grout cleaning?

Since grout is made of cement and tends to be porous, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Due to spills and other dirt, the inner layers of the grout becomes vulnerable to a bacteria attack. So to avoid such circumstances, you should get tile and grout professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year keeping in mind the constant foot traffic.

What is the cost of tile and grout cleaning?

Dri & Kleen Home Services offers same day service for tile and grout cleaning at just $0.25 PER SQ. FT.  If you want more details or a free estimate you can call -  305-742-1620.

If properly cleaned tiles can remain in new condition for years together. An important step to keep tiles good as new is to protect grout with a grout sealer. And just simple regular mopping can do the trick. You should also test tile and grout cleaners in small areas before you use it on the entire tile surface. Use proper tile cleaning techniques. This will ensure all of the dirt has been removed and you will get excellent results. Mopping just with water after applying detergent will make your tile cleaning effort much more efficient and worthwhile.