Why Cleaning Tiles & Grout Becomes Mandatory After Extreme Weather?

No doubt, tiles are a great way to enhance the beauty of  your bedrooms, showers, countertops, and more.

But adverse weather conditions like hurricanes and storms that South Florida is prone to can increase your efforts of keeping the tiles and grout clean.

Debris, dirt and grime get accumulated and affect the tiles, especially the colored or patterned ones. If your home has been affected by the recent hurricanes, then it’s a great idea to contact a local tile & grout cleaning expert who can help regain the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Meanwhile, here are a few things that you should keep in mind to make the tiles last longer.

  1. Brush off dirt immediately after you notice it - If you see loose dirt, use soft bristle brooms or vacuum the dirt quickly. Try not to scrub very hard on tile surfaces as it can spoil the tiles.
  2. Regular sweeping/vacuuming - Sweep up any morsels with a dustpan. Brushing or vacuuming it regularly is the best way to maintain tiles. Pay particular attention to the corners as dirt tends to get accumulated there.
  3. Avoid acids on tile surfaces - Coloured grouts should never be acid washed, it spoils them completely. The color will fade if you use acid on tile and grout. Use a wet vacuum to pick up the liquid immediately and clean it with cold water.
  4. Water-resistant porcelain tiles - Porcelain tiles are water and stain resistant. You can use warm water to keep your tiles looking clean. Avoid using other chemicals or cleaners.
  5. Avoid using coarse scrubbers - Coarse scrubbers can spoil the tiles especially the ones that are colored or textured.  Instead of using a coarse scrubber, you can choose a safe-on-stone pad or nylon brush.
  6. Opt for half-yearly professional cleaning -  Even though you clean tiles regularly, it is good to let experts clean heavy traffic tile surfaces at least once in 6 months for longer lasting tiles.


A blend of dish soap and water works best for wooden floors, but always remember that the cloth needs to be well-wrung.

Take Special Care of Shower Tiles

Shower tiles get dirty quicker than any other surfaces for two main reasons.

First, because most bathroom tiles are white. Secondly, the heavy moisture retains dirt and results in mold growth. Cleaning it regularly after use is the best way to keep the shower tiles clean.

After using the bathroom, the best option is to run a squeegee over the tiles to get rid of excess water and moisture. Also, make sure there is proper ventilation in the bathroom. A good ventilated bathroom will prevent mold and mildew stains.

Grout Sealing for Extra Care

Grout sealing is a good option if your tiles are prone to getting dirty. It is a transparent layer on the grout surface that does not let any liquid get into the porous grout layers.

At Dri & Kleen Home Services, we offer professional tile and grout cleaning services that can help you maintain the beauty and durability of the tiles at home. Reach out to us today at 305-742-1620 to get free estimates before cleaning.