Cleaning Bathroom Tiles Made Easy with DIY [Do-it-yourself] Methods

If not taken care of the dirtiest area of our home would be our bathrooms. It is so because most of the tiles in our bathrooms are white and dirt tends to stick due to heavy levels of moisture caused by water or steam.

Grout is the material used to hold two tiles together, it looks like cement and is porous. The porosity of grout makes it very difficult to maintain, if there are any spills, it spoils the grout from within and makes it loose and susceptible to dangerous accidents. Mold and mildew get accumulated on the porous grout lines and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Dirty grout is the worst sight and can spoil the aesthetic beauty of any environment. Dirt in grout if there for a long time spread and eventually cover the entire bathroom. The primary thing that comes to your mind is, of course, hours of tedious labor that can affect your health.

If your bathroom floor or tiles are dirty you can try to clean it on your own. You just need the right types of equipment and solutions.

Here are certain things you can do for efficient DIY tile and grout cleaning -

DIY cleaning is not as difficult as you think, a few simple home items are all that you need. You need just some baking soda, vinegar hydrogen peroxide, and detergent that are easily available in your local market. These would cost you around $50 which is cheaper than consulting professionals. The entire process should take about an hour which is easily doable on your own. You should try cleaning it in the noon or at night after the children are asleep as the usage is minimum.  

  1. Identify and understand the area where the stain is
  2. Avoid any scratching on the tile as it will damage the grout
  3. Do not use very hard bristle brushes; it might scrape out the grout
  4. Do not use any wire material to clean the grout surface
  5. Do not use any bleach or hard chemicals on grout surface
  6. If you are using any product try it on a small part of tile before applying it on the whole surface

Always work with water and a soft bristle first brush before you use any solution. You will notice that are a few stains look tough, but only water and a brush can do the trick. Especially if you have any colored tile and grout products can be very harmful, so it is imperative that you test all kinds of products and chemicals before using them.

2 DIY tile and grout cleaning methods to save the day -

  1. Vinegar  - It is one of best solutions for grout cleaning. It is a complete natural, tried and tested solution that does not spoil your grout surface. If you have a glass of ceramic tiles, vinegar will work best. Do not just use vinegar, mix it with warm water and a liquid detergent. Mix it well and apply on the tile surface and you will see that the dirt is loosening almost immediately. It will be effortless when you use a soft brush and remove it only by scrubbing and a little water.

For marble, granite, travertine or any other natural stone vinegar is a big NO. It will completely spoil and discolor them.

  1. Baking Soda - Direct applying of baking soda is of no use; baking soda should be used in a paste form for best results. Use hydrogen peroxide and shampoo to make the paste. You can apply the paste on the grout lines and let it sit for a while. This will loose even hard stains, and they will also come out very easily without any efforts. Just use a soft bristle toothbrush, and it will do the trick.

Do not scrub very hard or use any metal on the grout; it can permanently damage the grout lines. Rinse with warm water for best results.

If you still have any queries or it is becoming impossible to clean tile and grout at home, contact our experts at Dri & Kleen Home Services 305-742-1620 for enhanced professional tile and grout cleaning.