Is Your Clogged Dryer Vent a Life Threat?

It might shock you, but a clogged dryer vent can be a life threat to you as well as your property. The last thing on our list when it comes to cleaning is our dryer. It ends up being the most neglected machine even though we use it on a regular basis.  We forget cleaning our dryer vents, lint gets accumulated over time and can get too heated up, eventually catching fire.

With regular use, the entire ventilation system gets clogged and blocks the outlet. The outlet of a dryer is often extremely long and has several curves and bend along the way. Lint often gets stuck and accumulated all along the way which can be one reason of overheating and fire. If the hot air cannot pass, it becomes a significant health hazard. Another reason of clogging is that these tubes for ventilation are usually made for foil or some form of plastic which dents very easily in extreme heat and pressure conditions.

A dryer vent with the entire ventilation system should be adequately connected if not it can trap lint in different places. Another problem is that animals get stuck in the vent blocking the ventilation process. These can act as a barrier stopping the ventilation and also harm the animal life.

Homeowners should be more and more aware of the negatives that can befall on their family with improper dryer vent cleaning. Your dryer vent should be free from all kinds of lint build-up at all times. The safety of your family should never be compromised. Another serious risk of improper dryer vent that it will drastically increase the energy consumption which will reflect on your utility bills and burn a hole in your pocket. You can save a lot of money on your bills if you clean your dryer vent regularly.

A significant change is that your dryer starts taking double the time, clothes even after running twice don't dry. They remain damp and moist with a musty smell which is hard to get off. An essential dryer vent tip would be that the room in which your dryer vent is placed should have proper ventilation to let the hot air flow out efficiently.

If you want to save on replacing and replacing your dryer which can be very expensive, it is imperative that you start cleaning it on a regular basis. If you clean it at regular intervals, it will help it additional cleaning costs and hassles. If your family suffers from different allergies and diseases, start thinking about a thorough dryer vent cleaning. It might be time for you to consider dryer vent cleaning. Since it is about clothes, you should never compromise the quality.

Also, in addition to regular cleaning, it is always important to get it professionally cleaned as there might be some amount of dirt in the layers which might only be possible to be cleaned with expert hands. You might not reach those bends and corners of the vent but professional machinery can easily clean those.