How Can Doing Eco-friendly Laundry Keep Dryer Vents Clean?

Do you try to stay green in all your endeavors?

In that case, laundry is something that you should also consider. You can follow specific eco-friendly tips to stay ‘green’ while doing your laundry.

It might seem like a simple everyday chore, but it has more significant implications than you might think.

It takes a lot of energy to heat the water while washing and running the dry cycle. Luckily, there are eco-friendly ways to keep the environment clean and green.

Advancing technology means there are different ways for keeping your dryer vent clean by doing eco-friendly laundry.

You Can Save Money and Energy in So Many Ways!

While getting a clothesline or drying rack can help you save on your utility bills, there are other ways to keep the dryer vent running for long and also save the earth.

Here are 7 ways to do laundry in an eco-friendly way.

1 - Try Green Laundry Detergents

Try eco-friendly detergents. They help in reducing the environmental effect that comes from it. You can switch to greener washing ways by just changing your detergent bottle.

2 - Wash by Hand

If you have only one or two clothes, you can wash them with your hands. It will save energy. You can also concentrate on stains better and wash whites without being affected by colored garments.

3 - Use Cold Water

The most amount of energy is lost while heating the water. If you make a quick shift from hot to cold water, it will reduce a massive amount of energy consumption when washing.

4 - Reuse Detergent Bottles

Most detergents come in plastic containers. You can reduce packaging by reusing the old bottles.

Buy detergent pouches instead of bottles and simply and pour them into the bottles that you already have. This way you can go green by using less plastic containers.

5 - Wash Full Loads

Always try to wash a full load. Avoid doing the laundry when you have less clothes. If possible, wait for a day or two and then do the laundry once it’s almost full.

6 - Hang it Out

Don't use the dryer of the machine, it takes up a lot of energy. If you can, try hanging your clothes out in the sun. This is certainly an eco-friendly way of drying clothes.

It will not only help save energy, but also help clothes last longer. The wear and tear in dyers reduces the lifespan of clothes

7 - Make Homemade Detergent

Try lemon juice for white clothes. Soak whites in hot water and use a generous amount of lemon juice.

Keep them overnight and then rinse the clothes. You can try several home remedies like these to help you get rid of stains.

Remember these 2 fundamental things while doing the laundry.

1 - Clear out your dryer lint

After every load, clear the lint screen. Dryer lint buildup can restrict airflow in the dryer and cause poor dryer performance.

With dirty lint trapped in the dryer, clothes will take much longer to dry which in turn uses more energy. Dryer vent cleaning is a significant part of doing laundry in an eco-friendly way.

2 - Try and avoid bleaching as much as possible

If possible, avoid chlorine bleach as it can cause a lot of irritation. Switch to non-chlorine bleaches if you have to.

Chlorine entering the environment can cause harm.So you need to stop using chlorine bleach as much as possible.

Next time when you do your laundry think about these and get your dryer vent checked and cleaned professionally at least once in six months.

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