Adopt Healthy Carpet, Adopt Healthy Life

You might not be aware of the impact that a dirty carpet can have on your life. It might come as a shock to you, but a dirty carpet can spoil your lifestyle completely not only aesthetically but also health wise. A dirty carpet can jeopardize the key to healthy living.

Did you know a small stain can make you replace the entire carpet in the long run if proper care is not taken care initially?

Mold formation takes place in really tiny bits that are not visible on the surface at first. The inner fabrics start getting affected, and then it resurfaces all of a sudden in large quantities which might cost you, your favorite carpet. If you let bacterial growth thrive in the layers, it might completely ruin your carpet before you know it.

What is the solution?

The simplest solution to prevent spoiling your carpet is avoiding spills, but that becomes impossible with pets and children around. So you can try other ways that are more feasible.

Here is what you can do -

  1. The first rule to clean and healthy carpet is that you should remember to clean spills as soon as it occurs. The longer you leave any spill it will get into the layers of the carpet and result in the death of your favorite carpet.
  1. If there are any bread crumbs or other solid yet loose particles that fall on the carpet remember to pick it up before it gets flattened by someone’s feet and the minute pieces get into the layers of your favorite carpet.
  1. For all spills or stains always remember to blot it, don't rub it. Rubbing stains always make it spread and spoil a large area, on the other hand blotting it will be of great help with a white cloth as it carefully soaks up the stain.
  1. Try to vacuum thrice and start from the corners and then move to the center of the carpet. Try first going to the left to the right and then repeating the same motion front to back, this will help in cleaning your carpet more efficiently.
  1. Pay particular attention to the corners because since our vacuum cleaner does not reach all corners, we tend to ignore them and hence they completely turn black due to too much dirt formation.
  1. For all those areas have heavy foot traffic especially those near the door or walkways, should be dealt with especially. Particular care should be taken in those areas.

Once the dust settles in your carpet, it will become challenging for you to remove hence the best step to clean carpet is making an effort to keep it clean. Even though you might be a pro in cleaning your carpet and DIY hacks it is essential that you get a professional cleaning twice a year.

Professional cleaners have an in-depth understanding of different kind of carpets and stains so they can help you remove any stain.  Bacterial growth and dirt are a part of nature and often live in your carpet without your notice, so it will always help if you get a deep cleaning done every six months. It is better to take preventive measures as prevention is always better than cure.