A Small Step Towards Healthy Homes: Carpet Cleaning

Getting your carpets cleaned is a tedious but necessary task which is very similar to spring cleaning, not exciting to do but important and should occur at the same level of frequency.

Most of the people owning a carpet, clean their carpets once in every few years but this is not good for the carpet and the health of the people; because carpet cleaning not only removes the stains and increases the life of carpet but it also, prevents one from the contagious diseases.

Every time you put step on your carpet, you add a small amount of dirt on the fiber of carpet. The soil is similar to a sandpaper it accumulates and damages the carpet reducing its life and causing it to lose its beauty.

Follow the tips given below to keep your carpets free from the problem as much as possible:

It is good if you vacuum regularly-

  • It is important to clean the carpet in an entrance and high traffic areas two times a week and the rest of the carpets at least weekly. Oil soils draw oil soils; regular vacuuming will clean the carpets thoroughly.

Initiate your work with clean bag or a clean filter-

  • An unclean bag, dirty cups or filters can cut down the vacuum's power to half. The prior reason why the functioning of bagless vacuums size is because the filters aren't changed at a regular frequency.
  • Replacing or washing (if only possible) of the filters on a bagless vacuum is a great solution to avoid the problems of inefficient work. It is advisable to replace the vacuum bags when they are three-quarters full.

You need to notice to the speed of vacuum-

  • Vacuuming in slower speed can help you to extract as much as possible dirt. Make one fast pass over less traffic area and two slow passes in the high traffic area this will clean your carpet efficiently and comprehensively.

Disadvantages of the DIY method:

  • Usually, the machines that are employed to work in DIY methods do not heat up the water in a similar fashion as that of professional ones. Adding more to this, they are also, not as powerful as that of the professional ones this concludes that they won't be as extracting as the professional ones.
  • When you process the carpet for cleaning, you need to add water to the carpet. Wet carpets indicate that the carpet cleaning machine is not as powerful as it should be. Use fans to expedite the method of drying, and do not replace the furniture before the carpet is dried completely.
  • Other factors like the chemicals to be used, some chemicals to be used, the techniques, the machinery and so. All these factors lead to consideration of DIY method before you choose over the professional service.

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