Why Should You Hire a Professional Tile & Grout Cleaner?

You’ve managed to clean your entire home just in time before the guests arrive. Everything is sparklingly clean!

But is it really? Have you checked your tiles and grout lately? Although they may seem clean, they really aren’t.

Most modern homes in South Florida install tiles for their aesthetic beauty. In fact, tiles can last for decades if timely care is taken. Depending on the tiles in your home, you have to choose a specific cleaning method.

That being said, even if your tiles are stain proof, you have to remember that grout lines are not. The dirt and dust on your tiles eventually end up in the grout from routine mopping. This is because grout lines are on a lower level than the tiles.

So, cleaning the dirt in the grout gets nearly impossible and it starts getting dark and discolored.


All tiles that are textured need special care as dirt gets stuck inside the texture and only scrubbing will not help remove the dirt.

Professional tile and grout cleaners in South Florida are experienced. Not all dirt can be seen with the naked eye; hence, hiring trained professionals will prove to be quite beneficial.

Here are top 10 reasons why you need to consider an expert.

  1. You may be using the wrong solution to clean your tiles.
  2. Harsh chemicals and bleaches that you use unknowingly harm your tile and grout lines.
  3. It can take you days to properly scrub and take the dirt out depending on the room size.
  4. The chemicals you use are not safe for your health.
  5. Home cleaners damage and discolor your grout.
  6. If your grout is properly sealed, professional cleaning can quickly rejuvenate the grout color.
  7. Professional tile and grout cleaners help extend the life of your tiles.
  8. Restoring and regrouting tile require professional equipment and training.
  9. Usually, the dirt stuck to the porous grout lines are hard to remove with DIY methods.
  10. Mold infestation is a serious issue which only professional machinery can remove.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Tile & Grout Cleaners

  1. Professional cleaners understand the condition of your tiles properly before they clean them. They carry on a detailed analysis of your floor condition and use professional techniques and treatments to make it look like new.
  2. Professional tile and grout cleaners apply an appropriate amount of solution for proper cleaning. This will easily help loosen any specific type of dirt. Being professionals they know which stains need what kind of cleaning.
  3. The machinery they use sprays pressurized hot water to get out dirt and oils from the core while vacuuming it at the same time. This can be done in a few hours and leave your floors completely dirt free.

Leaving the headache of hours of scrubbing to expert hands helps in thorough cleaning that protect your tiles. Using an improper cleaner or technique day in and day out can make your tile and grout look dirty even after constant cleaning.

So why not restore the original color and luster with professional cleaning that will help you save money? You won’t even have to think about replacing your tiles then.

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