Myths About Tile and Grout Cleaning: Decoded

Dri & Kleen Home Services aims to save your money by providing you the best service for your tile and grout cleaning and also, saving your valuable time!

Time is money, we need to save money, and so we need to save your time by giving you the experience that would avoid troubles regarding tile and grout cleaning.

Cleaning your floors on a regular basis is an important parameter. But, does cleaning the floor, erase the problem of bacteria and germs? No, the tiles might get cleaned, but the grout might trap the bacterias due to its porous surface. This nature of surface also leads to the mold formation.

You need methods that clean your tiles and grout without harming your family and pet health, not to forget the colored grout too.

Certain myths are followed when cleaning the tile and grouts, note them and do not implement these to increase your problems on a large scale.

Allowing the soapy water to settle

Soaking vessels in soapy water will help you to get rid of stubborn stains, but this does not mean the same for your tiles and the grouts.

The dried solution can attract more germs and dust to settle, increasing your problem instead of solving it.

Will cleaning with wet mop resolve the problem?

People usually think that regularly cleaning the floors with wet mop help them to clean them, and reduce the germs and infection problems.

But, the wet mop only cleans the upper layer and doesn't clean the dirt settled deep inside the grout. You need to follow proper process when you need deep cleaning only then you are free from the problems in a real sense.

Does use of acid as a cleaner, makes it a safer option for cleaning?

Acids are one of the common agents that are being used as a cleanser for all types of floors, but acids and the high alkaline agents are the leading cause of damages to the tile and grouts.

They are not preferred by professionals! You need to go for other prescribed elements that help you clean your tiles in a friendlier way.

Scrubbing hard will help you to clean the flooring

Hard brushes made from wires will remove more than the grime. They will spoil the tiles and create marks on the tiles, making the problem worse. Instead, call Dri & Kleen Home Services and get the job done professionally.

All these myths prevail and make the tile and grout cleaning seem secure, but in the long run, it affects the quality of cleaning and also, the life of tile and grout.

Slowly you will observe that the shine that once you had, is lost and the tiles now look pale and lifeless. Avoid using the so-called remedies and use the ones claimed by professionals only.