Do I Need Regular Tile and Grout Cleaning?

Keeping tile and grout clean at your home is not easy, especially if you are living in a place where there is a lot of moisture present. One of the most important aspects of cleaning your floors is that you should never let dirt and spills get settled in the tile crevices. And, instead of banning everyone from walking over the floor, you should clean up spills or footmarks as soon as possible. Tiles in the kitchen and the drawing room area are not subjected to the same problems as the tiles in your bathroom.

Similarly, if your grout is already dirty and stained, you will find that using home cleaners or mop won't help you get rid of them completely. Getting your tile and grout professionally cleaned has its advantages.

Why do I need a professional tile and grout cleaning for my floors?

  • A professional cleaner will clean your tiles with utmost care and is unlikely to break them while working.
  • Cleaning grout lines are challenging to do, and it is always advised to hire a professional to clean them as you can break the seals accidentally.
  • Grouting in the bathroom areas gets moldy very often, and it is essential that the correct products are used to remove it.
  • Cleaning tiles require scrubbing and a good understanding of spots and stains, how they will affect the tile, and how to remove them.
  • Cleaning different type of stones and sizes of tiles, older grout, and recently installed grouts requires particular expertise, which professionally trained cleaners possess.
  • Not all types of cleaning solutions are same. Solutions that we use for the kitchen floor can not be used for bathroom, and a professional cleaner will know what kind of solution is needed.
  • To get your tiles cleaned you not only require energy and knowledge, but it will also need time. By hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning, you can free up your weekends and spend that time with your family and friends.
  • By getting your tile and grout cleaned by a professional cleaner, you will prolong the life of your tiles.

Do's and Dont's for Tile and Grout Care:


  • Regular vacuuming your floors will remove loose dust and dirt.
  • Use undiluted cleaning agents for the spots where the soil is more concentrated or has accumulated.
  • Always use a terry cloth or dry towel to remove dirty water residue that settles down into the grout lines.
  • Keep the shower stalls and tub enclosure well ventilated to keep from algae forming on the wet floors.
  • Use mildew resistant caulk on all the vertical and horizontal joints/corners.


  • Don't let stagnant water on the floors, especially in the bathroom. They breed stain-causing mildew as well as other fungi.
  • Avoid using soap-based cleaners on the tiles, as they dull the surface, and promotes mold growth.
  • Don't use acid or ammonia based cleaners as they can discolor the grout lines.
  • Do not use vinegar and water mixture, as vinegar is acidic and can dull the polished marble tiles.
  • Never use steel wool or other abrasives on tile or stone. They will make scratch marks and dull the tile surface.

Maintenance is the key for a good looking tile and grout. Try to schedule a professional tile and grout cleaning at least once or twice a year. Most common annual routine is to do a tile and grout cleaning once each in spring and the fall. Regular cleaning and maintenance will make a huge difference in the appearance and durability of your floors.