Professional Fort Lauderdale Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips That You Can Follow

You would be astonished to know, but clogged and dirty dryer vents are one of the most common causes of residential fires in all parts of the world nowadays. Usually, dryer vents are not really visible to the naked eye – they are usually embedded in our walls. Owing to this reason, they are perhaps the most neglected part of the dryer. Installing a brand new lint trap usually removes 80% of the lint, or even less, which generally indicates that the remaining lint lies stuck in the vent and gets accumulated, leading to a serious clog. Lint is extremely flammable in nature, and if a spark happens, the fire can quite quickly spread throughout the house. This excess lint needs to be cleared so that the air flow in the vent can remain normal, as a blockage in the airflow can overheat the dryer, which leads to the fire. You need to be aware of a few simple and easy to follow professional tips, suggested by professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Fort Lauderdale experts, that can help you to keep your dryer vents clean. Given below are some of these tips that you can easily adhere to. Read on to find out more.

Professional tips that you can follow

  • You need to ensure that there are no rips in your lint trap so as to make sure that most of the lint can get blocked in the dryer and the level of accumulation remains low and secure. Make it a point to clean the lint trip after every wash cycle to ensure its well-being. In case your lint trap is filled with wet lint, then you need to call up a professional dryer vent cleaning expert for the cleaning job.
  • Make sure to check the dryer vent’s external hood when your dryer is working or drying your clothes. If you can feel the airflow and see the flaps moving, then your dryer vent is in perfect working condition and there are no clogs. But if you do not see the flaps moving, then your dryer vent might have fallen victim to lint clogging and needs professional cleaning before a serious household accident.
  • Check the location where your dryer is kept and find out whether there is any lint lying about on the floor. If the answer is yes, then this could mean that your dryer exhaust system might not be working and needs to be cleaned as soon or as early as possible.
  • If your dryer is taking more time than usual to dry your clothes, then your dryer’s efficiency might be compromised. This could well be a sign of a clogged dryer vent, which warrants professional help and expertise for experienced cleaners. Without proper cleaning, your dryer will eventually get damaged, or your dryer vent might catch fire.
  • Always remember to never dry clothes or rags that have been soaked in any form of inflammable liquid. This could turn out to be a serious accident, in the form of your dryer catching fire, and the fire spreading in every corner of your home.

Some recommendations that you need to remember

If you want your dryer to remain fit and healthy, you need to schedule regular visits by dryer vent cleaning experts from local reputed companies, so that you can have your dryer and dryer vent checked at regular intervals. This usually ensures that your dryer remains in pristine working condition and your home can be protected from fire hazards. You can try to go DIY, but if you lack the proper experience, you might end up complicating the problem even more. So it is best to call for an expert.

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