Get Rid of Dirt and Germs with Simple Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Carpets when dirty act like magnets and attract dirt and dust. Carpets get too heavy with all the accumulated dirt. Sometimes vacuuming it once in awhile is not always enough to maintain a healthy and clean carpet. You should not only clean and vacuum your carpet at least thrice a week, but you should also get it professionally cleaned at least twice a year depending on foot traffic.   

Things you can do to keep the carpet clean for long durations -

  1. You can buy carpet-cleaning machine
  2. You can also rent a cleaning machine
  3. You should vacuum your carpet at regular intervals
  4. Pre-treat or soak all stained areas
  5. Try DIY methods to clean carpets thoroughly
  6. Start with the corners and move to the center while cleaning
  7. Allow your carpet to dry before using it

Steam cleaning is an effective method of carpet cleaning; it is the best way to get rid of dirt, dust, and germs regularly.

Here are the top four reasons how you could clean your carpet on a regular basis -

Stop the dirt at the door -  The garage floor, mud from your lawn or other driveways can cause dirt enter the house unnoticed. Carpets get dirty and hold the outside dirt that gets impossible to clean after it settles down. The best way to avoid it and keep carpets fresh is to leave the outside shoes outside and house and keep a pair of shoes to wear indoor.

Pick up bigger pieces before vacuuming - Before you start vacuuming remember to pick up the big pieces from the carpet. You should pick them up so that it does not get stuck in the vacuum cleaner. It also helps in keeping the house clean and dirt-free.

Vacuum regularly - The key to keeping the house clean it by vacuuming it regularly. It is always handy to keep carpet cleaners and also vacuum at least three times a week. The wear and tear of the fiber can easily be avoided with regular vacuuming. It is always recommended to remove stains as soon as occur because if you leave them for too long, you might end up spoiling the luster.

Get professional help - If you are unable to clean certain types of dirt or your carpet has not been professionally cleaned for over six months, it's time to get a thorough cleaning done. Professional Carpet Cleaning is a must to make carpets last longer.

It is possible to retain the luster of your favorite carpet just follow the few steps and also get a professional deep cleaning once every six months. For proper deep cleaning services in Florida, Call - Dri & Kleen Home Services at 305-742-1620.