8 Simple Tips to Observe for Dryer Vent Safety

Even though we all use dryers quite frequently, we cannot comprehend the ill effects of it. If kept unclean the lint trap of a dryer accumulates a hefty amount of lint after every use. Lint is highly inflammable and can cause a dryer fire that can spread rapidly right through your house.

Lint trap filters are there to keep the lint away from your clothes, but if you don't maintain a clean filter, it will harm your clothes. The lint gets trapped in the entire venting system stopping the hot air from passing. This eventually affects the efficiency of the dryer and drying cycles will be long, it will also spoil the dryer motor.

Cleaning Tips that will help you prevent dangerous fires -

  1. After every load remember to clean the lint screen and filter. If the lint screen feels moist, do not reuse unless you have cleaned it once.
  2. Keep inspecting the lint screen for rips. If you find any, replace them immediately without any delay.
  3. If your dryer vent has any plastics or made of foils, then replace it with semi-rigid metal ducts to reduce the risks of fires. If the tubes are flexible, there is a higher possibility of lint getting trapped so switch to semi-rigid ones.
  4. Keep anything inflammable away from the dryer room, as the room gets hot and moist which make result in a fire hazard.
  5. If your clothes are taking too long to dry or remain damp even after a full cycle, it is a sign of an unclean dryer.
  6. Even if the dryer room is not too hot, it is an indication your dryer vent needs cleaning.
  7. Check your exhaust system regularly and see if there is lint stuck in them
  8. While cleaning dryer vents make sure, you have unplugged the entire system and moved it away from the socket. Clean and inspect the dryer and venting every couple of months for extra safety.

To save money, in the long run, it is essential that you get your dryer vent cleaned on a regular basis. Even if you are cleaning it via DIY methods make sure it is done daily after every load. Also, it is recommended that you get dryer vents professionally cleaned at least once a month depending on usage to save you and your family from fire hazards.

In particular cases, some dryer vents need more inspection than the other so understand the need of the dryer depending on the frequency of use. If you are aware of the safety limits and controls, it will reduce the fire risk and increase the dryer's efficiency.

ProTip - Keep all areas around the dryer free from clutter, also keep synthetic materials, plastics, sponge and such products that could ignite or explode.

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