What To Expect From A West Palm Beach Tile and Grout Cleaning Service?

You must make sure that you have proper skill and knowledge if you want to clean the grout between the tiles on your floor under your carpets. If you have the necessary skill, you can quite easily loosen and remove the grout between the joints of the tiles without hiring a professional cleaner, who will undoubtedly charge a certain amount of money. This knowledge of yours will surely come in handy when you want to save some money. The products that you need to clean this grout are usually available at home only, so you will not have to spend extra money on shopping as well. These products are organic and natural in nature and do the work quite efficiently. The most common items that you can use to clean these grouts are baking soda and lime juice. This mixture, coupled with a scrubbing pad, is only perfect for this job and can be put to use with extreme efficiency.

But for those who do not possess the necessary skill, hiring a cleaning service becomes a priority. The market is filled with a variety of Tile & Grout Cleaning West Palm Beach service providers who offer their services to clean grouts between your tiles in exchange for a certain amount of service charge. But the question remains – how can you select the perfect and most efficient service provider. There are a few things that a grout cleaning service provider is supposed to do for you, and if a company can fulfill these expectations, then that company is the right choice. Let us take a look at the various things you can expect from an experienced grout cleaning company. Read on to find out more. 

Expectations that must be fulfilled

The following are the various steps that an experienced grout cleaning company will perform:

  • A technician from the chosen company will come over to your home to conduct an initial inspection of your floors and tiled walls so as to determine the best possible cleaning method that needs to be employed
  • The technician will pre-spray the stains and spots with the finest cleaning products available in the market
  • This will be followed by efficient and shielded high pressure cleaning along with the extraction of ground in soil and dirt. These two procedures are usually coupled with a clean water rinse that makes the cleaning process much more efficient
  • The technicians ensure that all baseboards and corners cleaned with extreme care
  • Post cleaning, all tiles, and tiled areas are dried thoroughly to stop mold from developing
  • As a final measure, all the grout lines are sealed properly to avoid any damage in the future

Usually, the grout cleaning process takes usually 60 to 90 minutes for an area of 300 square feet. You need to wait for at least 24 hours after completion of the cleaning process if you want the grout lines sealed. This allows the sealer to set in correctly. The sealing process takes about two to three hours but makes sure that your tiles do not have to face damage for quite some years. This sealing and cleaning time usually varies with the number of tiles and the number of grout lines, so talk to the cleaning company accordingly.

Dri&Kleen specializes in many Tile & Grout Cleaning services, so that you have a brand new surface, and you will be proud to show it off. Contact us for more information on tile & grout services.