What are the Various Kinds of Tile & Grout Cleaning Products?

It is very crucial for you to know which type of tile & grout cleaning products suit the tiles that you have in your home. For instance, alkaline, neutral or acidic cleaners will not harm ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Similarly, you need to know the correct cleaning products for stone tiles. Only specific cleaners will clean these kinds of delicate surfaces.

When you brush your tiles & grout, use products that clearly state the kind of chemicals that they are made up of. 

You need to know that a wrong cleaning product can spoil the look of your tiles and damage them permanently. Using incorrect cleaning products can leave a soapy residue behind, attracting dust and dirt in the grout lines. 

So let’s take a look at the different types of cleaning products that are available out there and how best to use them.

1. Acidic Cleaning Products

Acidic cleaners are good when cleaning the grout. But, the disadvantage with these cleaners is that they remove the upper layer of the grout too. These types of cleaners are suitable to get rid of a soapy layer or hard surfaces.

Use acidic cleaners for porcelain or ceramic tiles. But avoid using them for tiles made from stones. It will strip off the shine.

If you are using active chemicals on the floor, test a small area first.

2. Neutral Cleaning Products

These type of cleaners work for all kinds of tiles. They are very mild, making them less risky and easy to clean. 

The disadvantage of neutral cleaners is that they are not as effective as acidic or alkaline cleaning products. Thus, you can use them daily.

Also, they don’t affect the shine of the tiles and upper layer of the grout. So they are extremely safe to use for all types of tiles & grout.

Neutral cleaning products are best for delicate and costly tiles & grout. 

3. Alkaline Tile & Grout Cleaning Products

Worried about cleaning the stubborn stains? Want to clean the surfaces and extend their life?

Then use chemicals with an alkaline base. They are inexpensive and are easily available in the market.

They work particularly well on dirt with grease and grime in the grout or on tiles. 

When dealing with alkaline tile & grout cleaning products, always read the instructions before using them.

Is DIY a better option?

The DIY approach may be affordable, but not always the best option. Skip using tools and techniques that you know are not that effective. 

Renting tile & grout cleaning equipment may also not be a workable option. This is because they don’t clean the tiles & grout as expected. 

So whenever you are in doubt, professional tile & grout cleaning companies are your best bet. They are well versed with the techniques, plus have advanced and powerful equipment. They will do a good job and you won’t have any complaints. 

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