Tips and Tricks for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that a professional dryer vent cleaning once every six months can help you cut down on electric bills? There might be a few warning signs that you are overlooking.

Lint and debris that develops in your duct vent and dryer hose substantially blocks the airflow and eventually leads to heavy under performance of the unit and may be an eventual cause of the fire. Your dryer will give you certain subtle yet visible signs that it needs cleaning.

Most common signs of dryer vent cleaning you tend to overlook -

  1. The lint filter is too clogged
  2. After a full cycle, your clothes are moist and damp
  3. There is a burnt smell in your dryer room
  4. The body of the dryer gets hot when it's running
  5. The dryer vent hood flap does not open properly
  6. It has been over a year since your last dryer vent inspection

Safety Tips for Dryer Vent Maintenance -

  • Whenever you decide to clean any part of the dryer whether it is the lint screen or the vents make sure you unplug and remove the power supply
  • After every load clean out the lint from the lint screen, it will hardly take a minute 
  • If you feel that the clothes are damp or mist after a full cycle, it is a clear indication that the screen or exhaust duct is blocking the airflow
  • If the ducts are made of foil or plastic make sure you replace it with semi-rigid metal duct
  • Keep the area around the dryer vent clutter free and clean at all times
  • Hire professional dryer vent cleaners at least once in 6 months to avoid fire hazards

The way homes are built today, inspecting dryer vents are extremely vital. In the earlier times, dryers were located next to the outside walls, which made the venting system easy to maintain and clean. With a dedicated room in the home for dryer vents, dryer ducts have become harder to access. The length and the additional distance essentially means that lint can be stuck in any twist and turn. One of the biggest disadvantages is that birds and animals could take up residence in your vent pipes. 

You have to understand the needs of your dryer vent before cleaning it. If it is a commercial dryer vent, then it needs cleaning more often. Once in every three months, commercial dryer vents should be cleaned. If your dryer vent is longer than 6 feet from the exterior, it needs cleaning extensive cleaning as the vent pipes are too long with several twists and turn along its way out. 

Must Know Fact

Your dryer duct should be at least 4” in diameter and not exceed 25 feet in length for easy cleaning

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