Top 6 Foes of Dryer Vent Cleaning Fort Lauderdale Owners

We all need dryers at home so as to keep up with our daily chores, making a dryer one of the most significant home appliances in the present time. But malfunctions and breakdowns are quite common in the case of dryers. Luckily, these errors and bugs can easily handle, if the dryer owner is smart enough and possesses some basic knowledge on pipe and vent cleaning. So today, we will take a look at the top 10 problems dryer vent owners face and how these problems can fix. Read on to find out more.

Dryer vent clogged with lint

Sometimes, dryers take twice as long to dry a set of washed clothes as opposed to the usual time taken. The dryer may get overheated, and a fire may suddenly start, putting you and your home at risk. This overheated is usually caused by a clog in the dryer vent cost by lint from washed clothes.

Solution: - This problem can easily be solved with expert help from Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Fort Lauderdale and maintenance companies

Dryer transition tubing compressed severely

Compression on the transition tubing can easily cause when the dryer is pushed back to the wall accidentally or incidentally. Although light compression is permissible by the manufacturers, a severe level of compression can cause serious damage to your dryer.

Solution: - You can easily replace your rubber transition tubes with metallic semi-rigid ducts along with elbow connectors that help to reduce the level of compression.

Dryer vent exhaust being congested

The dryer vent is often congested with lint build up, leading to unnecessary overheating and ultimate fire hazard of the dryer. Sometimes, rodents may nest in the pipes if the dryer is not used regularly, which causes blockage in the vent exhaust. This blockage needs to be avoided as much as possible so as to increase the longevity of your dryer.

Solution: - This type of congestion can damage equipment with expert help from professional dryer vent cleaning companies.

Dryer vent exhaust flat being jammed up

Almost every dryer available on the market comes equipped with utility flaps on the all the vent exhausts which are an outlet for hot air that gets accumulated inside the dryer. These flaps also stop cold air from entering the dryer, thereby maintaining a decent enough temperature for the clothes to be dried. A jammed flap, caused by unnecessary build up of lint, can force your dryer to underperform.

Solution: - Hire an professional dryer vent cleaner to take a look at the problem.

Clogged screening in the dryer

Certain dryer exhausts come prefixed with screens that stop rodents from entering the dryer vent and nesting. This screen is also susceptible to lint build up and may get clogged if not taken care of on a regular basis.

Solution: - Hire a professional dryer vent cleaner to help you in your screen cleaning endeavors.

Degradation in corrugated exhaust vent

The use of old dryer vent duct materials, such as corrugated metal, plastic or foil, is not something that is entirely uncommon in old homes. The modern day city safety codes do not allow the use of such materials in newer versions of dryer vents as these are susceptible to leaks and fire hazard.

Solution: - These age-old materials and parts can quite easily replace with metal ducts with the help of professional dryer cleaning and repair companies.

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