Why get a Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning done Annually?

Like all our household appliances our dryer vent also needs a professional cleaning annually, but we tend to forget it most of the times. Even though the dryer vent is one of the most important appliances that we all depend on for our daily chores, we do not pay much attention to its cleaning.

According to US Fire Administration Reports, there have been more than 12,700 annual dryer fires that have resulted in life-threatening situations, injuries and a massive, substantial loss of property. The number one cause of dryer fires is the negligence of homeowners to clean the dryers.

Even if you don’t notice the dryer keeps giving you warning signs that keep indicating that your dryer vent needs a thorough cleaning.

Warning signs to check for -

  1. There is debris outside the vent opening
  2. The dryer room is sweltering and humid
  3. Clothes are damp even after a full dryer cycle
  4. During the drying time, there is a musty odor
  5. Long drying cycle exceeding the usual 40-45 Mins
  6. Clothes are hot to the touch after a full cycle
  7. The lint trap has too much lint during every cycle
  8. The dryer sheets have a pungent smell in them during a cycle
  9. It has been over a year since you got a professional cleaning is done

You annual house maintenance plan must have your dryer vent cleaning included in it. Lint cleaning is critical to keep the dryer going for long.

Added disadvantages of clogged dryer vents -

  • It is a fire hazard more than anything else
  • Your energy bill shoots up by more than 50%
  • It reduces the lifespan of the dryer
  • Birds and animal can make the dryer their home especially during winter

With our DIY methods, we cannot reach the corners of the bends along the pipe. The lint stays accumulated in those corners and remains unnoticed. It can easily become a fire hazard. So it is important to hire experts annually who have professional equipment that can reach all the corners and bends along the pipes and get it cleaned thoroughly.

If you are trying any DIY method for cleaning, you have to ensure that you unplug the entire venting system even before you start opening and cleaning it. You have to disconnect the system as a whole not to get any electrical shocks. After the complete cleaning is done make sure you plug in the entire circuit. Do not miss any screw or pipes when re-plugging the dryer.

The basic aim should be to get the lint out of the dryer as more the lint more the dryer takes up energy and longer the cycle gets. Without proper tools and vacuum cleaners, it is challenging to get in-depth cleaning. Cleaning dryer vent should be on your to-do-list from now on.

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