Florida Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do you try to stay green in all your endeavors?

In that case, laundry is something that you should also consider. You can follow specific eco-friendly tips to stay ‘green’ while doing your laundry.

It might seem like a simple...

Tile & Grout Cleaning Products

It is very crucial for you to know which type of tile & grout cleaning products suit the tiles that you have in your home. For instance, alkaline, neutral or acidic cleaners will not harm ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Similarly, you...

Boca Raton Tiles and Grout Cleaning

In the last few years, tiles have become the most popular flooring choice for most homes in Boca Raton. This is because they are durable and robust.

But they need to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, they will lose their shine. Yet cleaning...

Dryer Vent Fire Hazard

An estimated 15,500 fires, 10 deaths, and 10 injuries occur due to fires related to clothes dryer throughout the United States, costing nearly $100,000,000 per year.

According to the United States Fire...

Some Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits

Has your dryer run time increased recently?

If it has, it could probably be due to lint buildup. Dryer vent cleaning is more of a necessity than a choice because excessive lint can lead to a fire. To prevent this, you need to keep the...

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Near You

It is a great feeling to admire the beautiful, aromatic and spotless tiles in your home, isn’t it?

But even if you vacuum, mop, scrub, and try cleaning your...

lint Screen Cleaning

Is your dryer running longer than usual? 

Has it been smelling musty lately?
Are your clothes still wet after the dryer cycle?

Is your machine heating up while it’s running?

If you’ve...

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaner

You’ve managed to clean your entire home just in time before the guests arrive. Everything is sparklingly clean!

But is it really? Have you checked your tiles and grout lately? Although they may seem clean, they really aren’t.


Tiles & Grout Cleaning After Extreme Weather

No doubt, tiles are a great way to enhance the beauty of  your bedrooms, showers, countertops, and more.

But adverse weather conditions like hurricanes and storms that South Florida is prone to can increase your efforts of keeping the...

Get Ceramic Tiles Cleaned Regularly

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular flooring options. They are more commonly used in office buildings, real estate offices, medical buildings, and homes. These hard surfaces are suitable for floors that see high foot traffic as it's easy to...