Carpet Cleaning in Boynton Beach, Florida

If you are living near Boynton Beach or the Delray Beach City, you would know that there are a limited number of professional carpet cleaning service providers around. And even if you have located a residential carpet cleaner, you need to prepare yourself and your home before they arrive for cleaning. Here we have compiled some essential things you should do to be prepared beforehand to ensure a successful carpet cleaning experience.

Move all the furniture away from the area to be cleaned

Before the carpet cleaner professionals arrive, move as much small and movable furniture out of the area as possible. As per the type of cleaning required, you may have to shift more furniture from the house. Some cleaning providers charge a minimal fee for this service to be done by them. Sometimes the cleaners would refuse to move large and heavy items, especially fragile and breakable items like lamps and vases, which you should put away safely on your own. Another step you can do is vacuuming the carpet once before the cleaners arrive.

Keep the driveway cleared for parking

The cleaners would need to park their vehicle somewhere around your place. Keeping your driveway cleared and making some space for them or near your house to park their vehicle will help them to do their job well.

Ask your cleaners for an estimation on the service

Based on how much area of carpet to be cleaned, every professional carpet cleaner does a walk through around the area and gives a general estimation for the service. They will also tell you what type of cleaning is required if any.

Pin up any fabrics and draperies in the room in contact with the carpet

Leave at least 6 inches of space between the floor and the draperies by either tying them or pinning them up. Also, remove all kind of fabrics that are touching the carpet.

Keep your pets away

To avoid any inconvenience for the cleaners, you should keep your pets away from the cleaning area until the carpet is dry. The cleaners use chemical solutions to clean the carpet; though they are safe, it is advisable to keep the pets away from them. Your pets may bring dirt from outside, and keeping them outside the house will make sure they don’t accidentally bring soil or litter with them during the cleaning process. You should get your pets inside the house only when the carpet is completely dry.

Don’t forget to mention any special requirements

Advice your technician before handling any of the delicate furniture that has to be moved. Also, if there are any particular areas of concern that you have on the carpet or any stubborn stains that are difficult to remove, do mention them.

Most times you will have to endure a minimum clustering in your house during the cleaning process as most professional carpet cleaners use heavy equipment for cleaning. Also, when you schedule your carpet cleaning service from a professional company, they will send you the arrival time beforehand. By being prepared, you can help them to reduce the time of doing their job, and at the same time, you will save on yours. For inquiring further about any of your carpet cleaning queries or booking an appointment, contact Dri & Kleen Home Services at 305-742-1620 today!