Carpet Cleaning in Jupiter, Florida

If you are under the impression that carpet cleaning should be done only in summer or in spring, that is not the case. If your homes in Jupiter, Florida is covered with carpets and has not been cleaned in over six months, you should get it cleaned on an urgent basis. You should have your carpets cleaned professionally before it suffers wear and tear due to over usage. Carpets can last over a decade if you take proper care and clean it regularly.

5 things to avoid that can shorten the lifespan of your carpet -    

  1. Vacuuming should be part of your daily chore list, even if get it cleaned professionally once a while does not sit relaxed thinking that is sufficient. If you do not clean carpets regularly, the dirt might get stuck in the fibers of the carpets causing serious harm and permanent spots.

  1. While walking barefoot might seem like a good option, it has an adverse effect on your carpet. The moisture from your foot during any work might damage the carpet and its fibers. Even the foot cream or other moisturizers that you apply on carpets might not be suitable for the carpet fibers. To avoid any such confusion it is best that you start using shoes on the carpet.

  1. Be careful when you have pets running around on carpets. Pets can scratch carpets and ruin the fibers hence with pets around you should be extra cautious and keep a check on them.

  1. Deodorizers can ruin carpets to a great extent. Deodorizers make carpets smell nice, but the residue might harm carpets adversely. They settle on carpets and cannot be removed just with vacuuming

  1. Spots ignoring is the worst thing you can do, spots bleed and spread over large parts and spoil carpets. The way to avoid it is to clean spots immediately after the spillage occurs.

  1. Before applying any homemade solutions on carpets ensure that they are tested on a priority basis so that you don’t harm the carpets.

Residential carpet cleaning is slightly different from commercial carpet cleaning. It is important to maintain. Simple DIY methods can quickly remove certain standard office stains.

Coffee spot - First dry it with a cloth, and dab the spot. Use dishwashing liquid with warm water to remove the stain. Repeat it a couple of times to remove the stain completely

Food stains - Food stains on a carpet is one of the most common phenomena in an office environment. Make sure the stain is not pressed on the carpet, pick up the solid particles first. Then use lukewarm water and vinegar and clean the same with a damp white cloth.

Inkblots - Dry the blot with a white cloth but make sure you don’t rub it, else it will spread rapidly. Use dishwashing liquid and a clean cloth and clean the blot outside-in. Then wipe it dry  with another cloth

These stains if not properly and immediately can spread and cause severe carpet staining. So if in doubt the best step is to call a professional carpet cleaner without hesitations. For efficient carpet cleaning in Tequesta, Riviera Beach and aurrounding areas Contact Us Today - 305-742-1620!