Carpet Cleaning in Lantana, Florida

Carpet cleaning is a challenging task especially in Lantana where the climatic conditions are most of the times, humid. There are numerous inquiries in the mind of customers when considering carpet cleaning.

These carpet cleaning questions are mainly to the service providers. So, taking the note of these things we, at Dri & Kleen Home Services have brought the bucket list issues that you were put to us as the service providers.

Before that let me tell you how climate has the effect on carpet cleaning. The humid temperature makes human body prone to more sweating than the average temperatures and with sweat comes the dirt particles.

As you lie down or walk around on the carpet, these get settled on the carpet resulting in the breeding ground for bacteria and germs because of the moisture presence.

Also, these temperatures don't favor an immediate drying of the carpet when done with the use of steaming method rather you will have to opt for semi- stem or dry clean methods.

Now, moving forward with the questionnaire set! These interrogations will help you to get a brief introduction and the working process of Dri & Kleen Home Services professionals.

Is there a usage of the chemical by your professionals?

Yes, we do, but the chemicals are harmless and guaranteed to the safety. And the professionals here are trained and instructed well enough about the products and their measurements.

It means that you are safe regarding knowledge of the correct chemicals that are used to give you the best results.

There are people in my house who are prone to the cleaning products. Will these chemicals hurt their health?

If you have anybody who is allergic to chemical products we do have products that do not harm them, they are completely harmless.

Our chemicals are verified by standards. Also, most of the chemicals that we use are bio-degradable, and they remove all the allergen elements like dust.

When your team cleans the carpet, will it shrink my carpet?

The professionals employed are fully trained and well versed in the chemical composition and its fair use.

There are chances of carpet shrinking, but our team offers free advice to the customers about the same and the different ways how they can prevent it from happening.

Before the service to be implemented, do I need to clean my room thoroughly?

You don't have to take efforts the professionals will take care of same instead.

But, it would be great if you help us by removing the fragile material like that glass and porcelain, or small furniture like paper bins and footstools in advance.

Does your cleaning method implemented cleanly all the stains?

Our team will remove possibly all the stains and tackle the problem by giving you the clean effect.

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