Carpet Cleaning in Sunrise, Florida

Have you skipped carpet cleaning for over a year in Sunrise, Florida? Well, that might not be the best option. Professional carpet cleaning should not be avoided for long as your favorite carpet is capable of holding dirt four times its original weight. Bacteria, insects make your carpet their home and thrive in the layers till you get a proper deep cleaning done. You might not be aware, but dirty carpets can cause a lot of health issues and allergies.  

Vacuuming on a regular basis might not be the optimal solution, you need deep cleaning for maximized results. Home vacuum cleaners remove the visible dirt that is on the surface, but they are not so powerful; they cannot get into the fibrous layers.

If you have children and pets at home, you need to pay more attention to Carpet Cleaning. They roll on the carpets and pick up dirt and germs quickly which can cause serious health hazards. There can be small insects the get inside the fur of your pet and cause fatal diseases. Flies not only thrive but also lay eggs in the carpet strands. Professional carpet cleaning will help remove these harmful insects and insecticides.  

There are 3 major types of soiling -

  1. Dry stains - This is the most common stain that can be dirt, sand or any other loose substance that sits on the carpet. Cleaning this kind of stain is the easiest as it is mostly loose in nature, vacuuming it gets most of it out. Try to vacuum at least three times a week. If vacuuming is not working then simple detergent or vinegar with warm water can do the trick.
  1. Water soluble stains - Food stains, mud, blood or other liquid based spots or stains come under this category. Simple detergents can help in removing these stains although there are specific methods that you can try. Do not use any heat in from of these stains because that will stick the stain to the fiber of the carpet and become tough. Blotting the stain first with a clean white towel should be the first step in stain removal.
  1. Non-water based stains - Stains like grease oil or others that repel water are comparatively tougher stains. They settle in carpet fibers faster than other stains. These have unique methods and methodologies that need to be applied to clean them. Always remember for any stain to start from the outside of the spot and then slowly move to the middle.

If you see a tough stain that cannot be removed, it is always good to call for professional help. Do not experiment with spots and stains as it can harm your expensive carpet causing permanent damage.

Sometimes we think buying cleaners from a nearby store will solve our problem but it does not work that way, they might just remove the visible dirt. The grime that thrives in the layers of the fabric was difficult to remove as they are not visible to the naked eye. The dust keeps accumulating in the layers which can never be removed with home cleaners because they are not so powerful.

Even with our modern methods, we should not ignore the environment. Choose environmentally friendly carpet cleaning companies that use eco-friendly carpet-cleaning techniques. The cleaners used for deep cleaning should be by the environment so reap benefits for the home as well as the environment.

Dri & Kleen Home Services follow eco-friendly carpet-cleaning techniques at just $95 in Tamarac & Pompano Beach, Florida. Call us today on 305-742-1620 and book our professional cleaning services for a healthy home.