Carpet Cleaning in Weston, Florida

For all carpet cleaning needs in Weston, you can try simple DIY methods before you call for professional help. Accumulated dirt is equivalent to blades that can cut the inner layers of your carpet bit by bit. If you keep using a dirty carpet on a daily basis, you let the dirt percolate and damage even the innermost layers.

Vacuuming becomes necessary on a daily basis here to keep the carpets clean. The soil in the fiber gives rise to bacterial growth that is why high-traffic areas appear dull and discolored when compared to the rest of the carpet.

There is always a way to avoid the cost of buying new carpets year in and year out -

  • If you notice any big pieces of trash on the carpet of even food crumbs pick it up before it percolates in the fibers
  • Vacuum at least 3 times a week especially in high-traffic areas
  • Try to use footwear on the carpet, and the moisture from the feet is not good for your carpets
  • Use rugs in areas near the doors or walkways where the uses of shoes are prevalent

One essential thing to keep in mind in carpet cleaning is to blot stains with clean white cloth but never scrub them. Blotting should start from the outer edge and then move to the center. Also, start with testing all chemicals or DIY methods on smaller areas before experimenting on large chunks.

Clean spills immediately without any delay

For all kinds of food or other accidental spills, you should start cleaning as soon as it occurs. If cleaning is delayed carpets tend to soak the liquid and food substances, hence it should be cleaned immediately. If there are no commercial cleaning products at hand, use some water to lighten the stain or soak it as much as possible so that it does not spread or get into the deeper layers.

If there are strong stains vinegar and club soda are the two best solutions. Before trying any cleaning products from the market, you should try these two DIY methods. Blot the stains with a clean cloth before trying any method. Take small areas or the stain and try a mixture of water and vinegar, take the same proportion of each to make a solution and try removing the stain. Another solvent that can be used is club soda to try and remove dry stains.

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