Dryer Vent Cleaning in Greenacres, Florida

Dryer vents can be dangerous and ineffective if they are not maintained properly and professionally cleaned periodically. Your dryer filter can only capture up to 50 to 60% of the produced lint, and the remaining gets drawn into the exhaust system and may get trapped in the dryer vent. Dri & Kleen Home Services dryer vent cleaning in Greenacres, Florida can remove this surplus lint and improve your dryer's performance and yes, increasing the level of your home’s safety!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Greenacres

The primary problem of dryer vents is lint and other ignitable debris, setting an actual fire risk.

With excessive lint build up the dryer runs twice its capacity, and takes double the time for drying clothes. This increases the temperature of the laundry room and hampers the efficiency of the dryer. All this leads to increase the risk of a house fire. But, by scheduling a dryer vent inspection with Dri & Kleen Home Services, you can reduce your risk of fire and be prolonging the dryers lifespan.

History of Greenacres, Florida

Greenacres is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida, founded by Lawrence Carter Swain and incorporated as a city in 1926. Originally 320 acres, Swain especially created the city for the working and middle class. As of 2000 census, the population of Greenacres was 27,569.The recorded population by the United States Census Bureau was 37,573 in 2010. The city has a total area of 5.79 square miles (15.0 km2), all land according to Wikipedia.

How Does Dryer Fires Occurs

Mostly, you put your clothes in the dryer, set the time and forget about it until the buzzer goes off. It is questionable that you think about clogged dryer vents and the influence they have. Lint gets clogged in the vent which leads to reduced airflow. Lint is highly flammable, which enough for any dryer fires. There are a lot other dryer vent problems contribute to this. Dryer vent cleaning is an essential service that you must to consider for your safety and family's health.

Why Does Your Dryer Fail:

  • The laundry is taking double the time to dry

  • Laundry come out hotter than usual

  • If the vent hood flapper doesn’t open

  • Efficiency of your dryer is reduced

  • Clothes are over fried or wet

If you live in Greenacres, Florida or surrounding areas and are looking for a professional, trained and certified, dryer vent cleaning service, who respects your home or business, then Dri & Kleen Home Services is for you. Contact us or give us a call 305-742-1620.