Dryer Vent Cleaning in Hallandale Beach, Florida

Dri & Kleen Home Services - Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning Can Reduce Fire Hazards And Health Risks.

Cleaning your home on a weekly basis comes naturally, but most of the people ignore that this cleaning should extend to their Dryer Vent too. Cleaning your dryer vent is more important than you realize.

You can improve the efficiency of your dryer vent so that it works better and saves on operating costs too. Without cleaning, several pounds of lint & debris can accumulate annually in your vents. Dri & Kleen Home Services offers affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Hallandale Beach, Florida that will help protect your family's health and your home's well being.

History of Hallandale Beach?

Hallandale Beach Dryer Vent Cleaning

Formerly known as Hallandale and named after the son of a Swedish worker for Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railroad, Luther Halland. Hallandale Beach is a city in Broward County, Florida. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 4.55 square miles (12 km2). 4.21 square miles (11 km2) of it is land. Furthermore, .34 square miles (1 km2) of it (7.47%) is water. As of the 2014 census, the population was 37,113.

Hallandale Beach is situated in the heart of South Florida means plenty of sunshine and warmness, with an average of nearly 246 predominantly sunny days every year. That doesn't indicate that this area experiences nothing but bright skies, however. Hallandale Beach sees its decent share of rain; hot summers, winters are cool and mild, The coldest month in this location is January and July is the hottest month. With so much sunshine in Hallandale Beach, climate can sometimes be unpredictable.

Should I get my Dryer Vent Cleaned?

Cleaning your dryer vent prevents building up of lint and reduces the risk of fire hazards.

Individuals who use DIY dryer vent cleaning accessories or kits do usually leave with a false judgment of security that their sound work has got rid of the fire hazards. Experts tell us that most of these tools fail in removing all of the dust and lint in the dryer duct. They can induce a greater problem if the homeowner carelessly compacts few of the lint, creating a blockage.

Warning signs that will tell you that you need to get a professional dryer vent cleaning service.

  • Dryers aren't completely drying Clothes

  • Musty smell from clothes

  • Seems very hot to the touch clothes

  • Lint and dust getting accumulated in the dryer duct

  • Clothes take longer time to dry

  • Lint and debris collect around the dryer vent lint filter and outside dryer opening

  • Extremely hot where the dryer is used

Reasons to Schedule Dryer Vent Cleaning with Dri & Kleen Home Services:

The major sign of poor dryer maintenance is when your dryer cycles, are not precise and end in leaving your clothes wet or overly dry. Poor dryer maintenance is one of the leading reasons of fire hazards. Dri & Kleen Home Services helps you to get the best performance efficiency and safety out of your dryer vent by getting.

  • Rid of the lint screen
  • Cleaning the dryer vent
  • Clean moisture sensors

Remember to clean your dryer vents at least twice a year. If you frequently use your dryer, you must also have it cleaned at regular intervals to preventing fire hazards.