Dryer Vent Cleaning in Jupiter, Florida

Dryer vent cleaning professionals in Jupiter, Florida look to handling your dryer vent issues tactically and help resolve the same in minimum time. Dri & Kleen Home Services has dryer vent cleaning experts who use state of the art equipment, carrying out proper inspections ensuring maximum airflow.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Jupiter

Things to Ask Yourself About Your Dryer -

  • Is my dryer taking more than one cycle to dry?

  • Is there a burning or pungent smell when it is working?

  • Is there condensation inside?

  • Is there a visible layer of lint at the bottom?

  • When was the last time I got my dryer vent professionally cleaned?

If you see the first four signs and it has been more than 6 months from the last time you cleaned it, it is high time to get your dryer checked and cleaned. Many dryer vent issues can be easily solved with a simple cleaning. Sometimes when the dryer is taking more than 50 mins or clothes are damp take those as indications to get a cleaning done. Even a hot dryer vent is a sign that a dryer vent needs cleaning.

Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers states that a dryer needs regular maintenance like any other electronic appliance. Lint should be removed from the dryer vent, freeing the outlet at regular intervals. The hot air can pass quickly in that case.

Jupiter in Florida has a Tropical climate.most of the times throughout the year it ranges from warm to hot. Jupiter’s climatic condition round the year can be divided into two major seasons, from November to April is mild and dry temperatures, and from May to October, i.e., the summer is hot and wet. The highest monthly average temperature in Jupiter for August is 83 degrees, and the average lowest monthly temperature in Jupiter in February is around 67 degrees according to areavibes.

The two times which need particular attention in maintaining a dryer vent -

1. Installation

After the purchase is made it is better to get it installed by professionals. As experts, they are well acquainted with the way it works and functions. They can ensure the smooth functioning by making sure the plug, and the outlet and proper and the dryer is connected securely. Also, it is recommended to read the user manuals before using it as precise instruction differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

2. Cleaning

You should get a professional help once in 6 months, but there are certain DIY methods that you should implement. You should also clean the lint filter before and after every load is very essential. You should also clean the dryer’s backside where there is lint formation. Vent pipe cleaning is also necessary, but for this, you can contact experts. If you notice any abnormal signs in the functioning of your dryer get the help of professionals.

Many home fires can be traced back to an unclean clothes dryer. Don’t take a risk, put your trust in over 20 years of service in dryer vent cleaning in Jupiter, FL since 1992. Dri & Kleen Home Services also offers dryer vent cleaning in Tequesta, Florida. Call 305-742-1620 to experience our world class service.