Dryer Vent Cleaning in Loxahatchee, Florida

You would be so shocked to know what is in that vent. Blocked dryer vents are risky and may induce a fire hazards. If a vent is clean, it also helps the dryer run more efficiently which will avail in drying laundry faster. It may aid in decreasing your energy bill in your home. When a dryer is used on a regular basis, lint accumulates in the vent line. A clogged dryer vent puts you and your family at a much higher risk of household fires. Many fires occur every year due to this. A clean and clear vent is a safe one.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Loxahatchee

By getting regular dryer vent cleaning in Loxahatchee, Florida, from Dri & Kleen Home Services, a locally owned and operating cleaning business that has been proudly serving Loxahatchee and surrounding areas for 20 years, you are not only reaching a peace of mind but also saving energy.

Mostly, All of the lint is not caught by the lint trap, and it is pushed out through the dryer vents. The lint builds up and gets clogged in the vent which restricts the airflow, and the dryer won't work effectively. If a lint is clogged in the dryer vent, it can also become a fire hazard.

How Can You Prevent Dryer Vent From Clogging?

Regularly scheduling your dryer vent cleaning by experts is a good thing but there are other preventative steps to be taken in account to keep dryer vents clean and safe. Here are a few tips to prevent dryer vent clogging and fire risks:

  • Replace plastic or foil, use metal dryer ducts to prevent dryer fires

  • clean it regularly no matter which kind of duct you have

  • Use fabric softener instead of dryer sheets

  • Do not overload your dryer

  • Regularly check for the outside opening of the vent

  • Clean front and behind the dryer, where lint can build up

  • Frequently wipe the sensor with a soft cloth

A Clean dryer vent protects your home & family and its contents of fires and other pollutants. Clean vents significantly decrease energy bills, dryers work more effectively and will last longer. The dryer is on of the most costly appliances in your home to operate. The harder the dryer runs to dry your laundry the more expensive it is for you.

Schedule a Dryer Vent Cleaning with Dri & Kleen Home Services

It’s necessary, no matter the ability of your home, to schedule regular dryer vent inspection. Our experts will efficiently clean your vent of any hazardous lint and debris, helping your clothes dryer return to ideal performance. It’s our job to make sure the entire vent is free of lint, and the dryer is working like it’s brand new. You will feel a sense of relief and see clothes drying faster after having your dryer vent cleaned by Dri & Kleen Home Services.

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