Dryer Vent Cleaning in Oakland Park, Florida

When you need the quality dryer vent services in Oakland Park, Dri & Kleen Home Services is a full-service company to remember! Our team has over 20 years of experience and are entirely licensed and insured. Every professional of our team is a skilled technician and has gone through the background check, drug testing, and stays up to date on the most recent certifications.

Oakland Park Dryer Vent CleaningAt Dri & Kleen Home Services, we understand when your Oakland Park dryer vents need cleaning, you need service, and we are happy to help you. We are proud to offer our customers a 24-hour emergency service in Oakland Park for residents and the business people who are busy with their stuff. We would come to your home or business place and give the service for you being safe for the hazards of dryer vent fires, with a comfortable environment and as soon as possible.

In heating dryer vents, the accumulation of dirt and debris can cause serious health problems and careless operation of a home’s HVAC system. Most homes also contain a smaller sort of duct dryer vent that can cause a different type of build-up, with a potentially life-frightening situation: dryer fires.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports stated that on an average 15,600 dryer fires occur annually, causing more than $75.4 million in property damage, injuring more than 370 people and killing 20 approximately. In most cases, the culprit is lint or the debris that is collected in the heating element often that has an accumulation of lint and debris backing up and blocking the free flow of air due to improperly installed or dirty ducts. Even dryers with safeguards are naive to dryer fires.

When considering the gas dryers, improper or obstructed ducts also can cause flue gasses to back up into the house area. The presence of odorless, colorless carbon monoxide (CO) fumes can be poisonous to health. At lower levels, CO pollutant imitates flu symptoms (without the fever being the noticing factor): a headache, weakness, nausea, disorientation and profound fatigue.

For most of the times at our homes, the dryer vent is propelled as close to a wall as possible, with a smashed or curved transition duct, which immediately leads to slowing the flow of free-air and create a trap in the area of dryer vent for lint to get collected. The transition duct has a specified height and should not exceed the limit of eight feet in length, should have a certification of UL-which states that it is an approved material (mainly not plastic), should be restricted to a single length, and should not have any of its part concealed within the construction. Periscope-type connectors (which are sometimes known as Banjos) to eliminate the most common problem of kinked and crushed transition ducts behind the dryer vent area. Metal foil tape should be used as much as possible on the ends of the periscope-type connectors to seal any cracks present. Air leakage does disrupt the efficient flow of free-air.

Dryer exhaust ducts in many homes tend to sag because they are not guided through the rafters or otherwise adequately supported, make sharp turns or hump up. The sharp turns, humps, and dips create a kind of turbulence, which helps in preventing all the moisture and lint from blowing out. The standard spiral-ribbed flexible ducts by poor design create confusion and reduce airflow. All too often, the termination sleeve on this type of pipe to bend is in the inward direction. Sometimes some prior termination hoods are restrictive by design, not allowing the damper to fully open. These standard states and conditions, along with the failure to maintain the routine maintenance, all eventually increase the chances for lint being trapped in your dryer vent systems, leading to blockage.

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