Dryer Vent Cleaning in Parkland, Florida

Regular inspection of the vents behind the dryer helps ensure that it is not damaged or air flow is not restricted. Dri & Kleen Home Services in Parkland, FL specializes in dryer vent cleaning for 20+ years. Hundreds of people every year are subjected to carbon monoxide poisoning this comes from clogged dryer vents. Faulty dryer vents are just a part of the problem; the maximum issue comes from fires caused by not having clean dryer vents.

Dryer Vent Cleaning ParklandAccording to areavibes, the average highest temperature in Parkland, Florida is about 84 degrees which is reached in August. The lowest average temperature is reached in February around 68 degrees.The maximum precipitation is reached around 4.6 inches in September.

Here is a list certain do’s and don’t that you should keep in mind while using a dryer -


  • Before using ensure that it is in good working condition
  • Cover the outside to keep it away from natural precipitation and rain
  • Always ensure that the other cover is open when the dryer is on
  • Make sure you remember to replace plastic venting with non-ribbed metal duct
  • Check the outer vent to make sure that no small animal or insect is stuck to it, blocking the vent
  • Keep the area around the dryer vent clean
  • Unplug whenever not in use


  • Keep the dryer away from flammable things
  • Don’t overload any point
  • Avoid using the dryer if the lint filter is not present
  • If the lint filter is damaged or clogged change or replace it immediately
  • Be careful with different types of clothes.
  • Some clothes come with warning like “dry away from heat.” do not dry them in a dryer
  • Do not dry stains like alcohol or gasoline directly in the dryer; they can easily catch fire
  • Do not leave the dryer unattended when you are away from home

Dryer vents is a commodity of regular use. Certain important yet unanswered questions need to be addressed.

How Dangerous Can Unclean Dryer Vents Be?

It is crucial to check and maintain the dryer vent because it can cause a fire. It is a leading cause of house fires. Improper maintenance can ignite it and hence cause a fire.

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

On an average, it is safe to clean it twice a year for the smooth and proper functioning of the dryer vent. It varies according to the size of families or usage, but it should be cleaned twice a year.

What are the Signs that Dryer Vent is Clogged?

There are several signs to indicate that your dryer vent is clogged. It is very necessary to look for those signs and not ignore them. There are several reasons, but these are the top ones to watch -

  • Dryer is taking too long to dry one load
  • The surface of the dryer is too hot even to touch
  • There is a slight burning smell in your laundry room
  • Clothes smell musty or are not completely dry
  • Sudden increase in electricity bill

What are the Advantages of Dryer Vent Cleaning?

The main benefits of a clean dryer vent is listed below -

  • Less time to clean one load
  • Proper airflow without any blockage
  • Reduction is electricity bill
  • Longer life of dryer
  • No risk of fire

Does an Old Dryer Mean Longer Laundry Cycles?

Not necessarily! Yes with use wear tear is a common phenomenon but it does not mean a huge difference in drying time. It can be a sign of lint formation. The airflow is blocked due to lint accumulation, and that is the reason why it is taking longer to dry clothes. Lint is not allowing the heat to escape.

What is the Cost of Dryer Vent Cleaning in Parkland, Florida?

Dri & Kleen Home Services specializes in dryer vent cleaning for 20+ years and offers this service in $70. Call us 305-742-1620 for Free Estimates.