Dryer Vent Cleaning in Pembroke Pines, Florida

 Fire hazards are one of the major safety issues that you need to be extra cautious about when using a dryer vent. Lint gets accumulated in the vent. This blocks the air flow preventing the heat from escaping the vent. The trapped heat in the vent can easily ignite as lint as a substance is extremely flammable. A dirty dryer vent is a big hazard to your home, and you don’t realize it. Keeping a regular check on the vent and cleaning is necessary for free air flow.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Pembroke Pines FLPeriodically keep checking and when in doubt always remember calling an expert is the best answer. Contact a reliable dryer vent cleaner in Pembroke Pines to be double sure. Get it cleaned before it's too late.

Pembroke Pines in Florida Has warm, dry winters and hot, muggy summers. As per Areavibes, the average highest temperature hit is around 84 degrees mostly in the month of August. The lowest average is around 68 degrees in February. June has the highest amount of precipitation which is around 8.4 inches. On an average Pembroke Pines gets 56 inches of annual rain.

There are Certain Basic Safety Tips you Can Follow to Keep Your Dryer Clean and Prevent Fire:

  1. Have your dryer installed by experts

  2. Always ensure that the lint filter is attached to the dryer, never use without it

  3. Clean the lint once before and after the load

  4. Try to remove lint collected around the drum area.

  5. Whenever cleaning is required, get it cleaned by professionals at least twice a year

  6. A metal venting material becomes important to ensure regular air flow

  7. Ensure the outdoor airflow is not restricted by any means

  8. Check that the outdoor vent is open when dryer is in use

  9. Make a note of the drying time, if that increases, it is a matter of concern

  10. Call a lint removing expert to help you get a thorough cleaning

  11. Turn off the dryer if you step out of the house or at night before going to bed

These 10 basic steps help ensure that the dryer is in good working condition at all time and helps you prevent any potential fire hazard.

Other Necessary Things to Look Out for to be Completely Safe in Pembroke Pines, FL  -

  • If you feel clothes are damp or moist even after a full cycle is complete. Inspect the lint screen and the exhaust duct they may be blocked stopping air flow. Clean it before you put the next load. For excessively lint remember you should call experts and not do it yourself

  • Overheating is a complete red signal if your dryer is too hot to touch it is already late call dryer vent cleaning experts immediately. The lint build up is already excessive, and the trapped hot air makes the body of the dryer too hot to touch

  • If you are trying any DIY methods to do regular cleaning remember to not only turn off the power but also plug it out before you start anything

  • Clothes that have been stained with volatile chemicals like gasoline, cooking oils or other such chemicals. Hand washes it first to reduce the volatile effect if possible. If you use a dryer directly remember to use the lowest heat level and also use the setting that has a drying cool-down period at the end

  • Ensure that the area of the dryer is clutter-free

  • Don’t pile or keep clothes inside the dryer long after the dryer has stopped

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