Dryer Vent Cleaning in Weston, Florida

Dryer vent cleaning by Dri & Kleen Home Services in Weston Florida is specially designed to protect and clean your dryer vent from any hazards. We take special care and remove the lint buildup and debris from your dryer vent. We use the latest industry technology, to make sure the cleaning is perfect and the job gets done efficiently and effectively.We assist both commercial and residential dryer vent cleaning in Weston Florida.

Weston, Florida, gets 53 inches of rain per year. Weston in Florida has an average of 246 sunny days in a year. The July high is around 91 degrees whereas The January low around 58. According to Sperling's comfort index for Weston is 83 out of 100, where a higher score indicates a more comfortable year round climate.

After cleaning reassembling and leaving the dryer vent in proper workable condition also becomes necessary. The biggest advantage with professional cleaners is that they reassemble and leave your dryer in perfect condition.

Every Time the dryer runs a full load; lint accumulation takes place. There are certain clear indications that you should notice. You should clean your dryer vent immediately when you notice these signs.

Weston Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • Even after a full cycle is over, clothes are dry and moist
  • Once load is over clothes are very hot

  • Excessive amount of heat is emitted from the dryer when it is running

  • Larger amount of lint accumulation in the lint tray

  • There is a pungent smell

  • Rise in utility bills

There are certain DIY methods that you can try before calling professional help. If you are not satisfied with the results, then you should resort to calling professional dryer vent cleaners.

  1. Pull out the plug as a primary step. Never clean any device when it is plugged in

  2. Drag the dryer away from the wall it is set, the vent behind the dryer has to be thoroughly cleaned

  3. If your dryer is too heavy in case of commercial dryers, ask for help. If it still does not work call for professional help

  4. Slowly remove the tube that connects the dryer to the vent. There might be screws be careful while removing it.

  5. Set screws aside you will need to fix it back

  6. Carefully remove the vent, use the vacuum cleaner nozzle push it in and clean the tube thoroughly

  7. You can easily extract a lint using the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner properly.

  8. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner try and use brushes and compressed air to blow the lint from of the vent.

  9. Reassemble the pipe, and the vent put the screws in place, and push it to the wall.

Your dryer is good to go. You will see a remarkable change in drying time and other issues that you were facing with your dryer

Clean Dryer Vents Extends Life of Dryers

A clogged dryer vent forces air through a restricted passage due to lint accumulation on the other half. There is a lot of pressure that is exerted on the internal machinery, this adds stress and disrupts its mechanism. It can reduce the lifecycle of the dryer. By regularly cleaning your dryer vent, you extend the life of your dryer and save on repair and replacement costs.

Regularly cleaning of dryer vents protect dryers and homes for fire and repair costs. Call Us on 305-742-1620 Today For A Free Dryer Vent Cleaning Estimate!