Dryer Vent Cleaning in Wilton Manors, Florida

Every time the dryer runs, small amounts of lint build up in the lint filter of the dryer vent. It keeps accumulating and after it reached the threshold lint blows back into the dryer and set it on fire. To save fire hazards in Wilton Manors, get your dryer vent professionally cleaned twice a year.

According to U.S. Fire Administration, 34 percent of home fires are a result of clogged dryer vents. Unclean dryer vents contribute the most as far as home clothes dryer fires are concerned.

Fire prevention is just one cause; there are several other reasons to clean your dryer vent -

Dryer Vent Cleaning Wilton Manors

  • Save energy and pay less on utility bills
  • Prevent harmful carbon monoxide emissions

  • Extends the life of the dryer

  • Prevents from damaging clothes due to excessive heat

  • Reduces drying time​​​​

​​​​How Does a Clean Dryer Help in Energy Savings?

If a dryer is not able to ventilate properly, it will have a direct impact on the energy efficiency of your home.  It will increase power consumption drastically. A clogged dryer vent with a layer of lint uses a lot of heat to dry clothes a lot higher than what a clean one uses. This not only affects the energy consumption but also ruins your delicates which should not subject to extreme heat. It also jeopardizes the life of the dryer but exposing it to extreme heat. By cleaning your clogged dryer vent, you not only save your clothes but also prolong the life of your dryer.

Does a Clogged Clothes Dryer Vent Affect Indoor Air Quality?

A ventilation system in your laundry room or around your dryer is necessary to protect your respiratory health. An unclean dryer vent negatively impacts the indoor air quality. It can realize the hot air and harm your health.

What is Lint Alert?

One way of monitoring lint build-up is by installing a lint alert monitor that helps you detect lint accumulation in your dryer duct. It detects lint and beeps, or a shows sign that you need cleaning soon. Lint formation can also be externally monitored as the dryer will start giving you signs clothes may take longer to dry, the dryer can get too hot to touch, or there may be a pungent smell or steam coming from the dryer exhaust outside.

The Effect of Wilton Manors​ Weather Conditions on Dryer Vent?

There might not be many direct implications of the climatic conditions on your dryer vent. But it does impact the number of times or loads you dry per day. For example, Wilton Manors reaches its climactic heights in August with a good 84 degrees and its lowest hits around 68 degrees, in February. Precipitation in Wilton Manors occurs in September around 4.6 inches.  Now the range of temperature and precipitation will directly impact the dryer.

DIY cleaning of dryer vent is a complicated process but if you happen to have a relatively short exhaust vent which is attached to the sidewall of your house you can try to clean it yourself. If it a long vent that escapes in your attic it is recommended you ask for professional help as it will require special types of equipment.

Keep screens, ducts & vents lint-free with professional dryer vent cleaning from Dri & Kleen Home Services, Call 305-742-1620. We have industry knowledge and expertise, to help you clean your dryer vent with perfection. We help in clearing blockages.