Tile & Grout Cleaning in Coral Springs, Florida

Tiles are aesthetically pleasing, durable but cleaning them might be a hassle if you are not doing it on a regular basis. Typically tiles are light colored with porous grout, which are prone to staining. Porous grout sucks in the dirt and grime and thrives in the layers. In tiled areas with extra traffic such as bathroom and kitchen. Even while cleaning the soap residues tend to seep into the layers and stay there becoming a source of bacterial growth.

Before cleaning it is important to understand what grout is & how it affects the tiles

Tile & Grout Cleaning Coral Springs

Grout is essentially a mixture of sand and binders that hold it together between the tiles. Grout can be either white or colorful. It fills the empty areas between the tiles.  

The porous nature of grout traps the dirt that is not visible to the naked eye trapping all the dirt and dust. There is a high level of bacteria that thrive in the grout layers and cause the grout to erode from the inside. Grime accumulates and takes over the original color of grout and discoloring it.

What affects tile and grout?

  • Hard water
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Extreme Moisture
  • Oil remains on floor
  • Spills and splashes
  • Soap Residue

8 very helpful tips to keep grout healthy for long:

  1. Clean your tile and grout with water as a first step this allows loose dirt to be removed easily
  2. Never use any bleach on colored grout, it will discolor it
  3. Apply any solution on smaller areas, to ensure that the grout is not spoiled
  4. Do not mix solutions or use any harmful chemicals for quicker results
  5. Test smaller areas to avoid erosion of grout
  6. After you mop with detergent always use plain water to take away the residue that is left from the detergent
  7. If you have not cleaned your grout for more than a year, it will best to get it commercially cleaned
  8. Use grout sealant to keep it fresh for longer hours

Simple household methods can be tried on grout surface to get out the dirt, but you have to be cautious that you don’t spoil the grout. It is always recommended that you start with the simple mild solutions and try it on smaller surfaces because using it on the entire area.

  • Using plain water and a stiff-bristled brush can be the very first step
  • You can also use warm water in circular motions, with a stiff brush
  • Vinegar can be another useful solvent to remove dirt, partial solution of water and half vinegar. Let the mixture stand stay on the surface for five mins and then scrub away
  • A paste a baking soda and water can also do the trick
  • Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide makes a strong solution to clean grout when mixed in equal quantities are put on grout surface

Tiles that suffer that a lot of backsplashes tend to get dirty faster. It is tough to keep the new shine going especially when it comes to grout. Everyday grout deteriorates bit by bit if not professionally cleaned or sealed.

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