Tile & Grout Cleaning in Davie, Florida

Tile and grout cleaning is specifically divided into two broad areas, residential and commercial. Both are distinctly different from each other as the traffic in both is vastly different from one another.

If you happen to own a restaurant or cafes in Davie here are certain challenges you can face with commercial tiles and grout - 

Tile & Grout Cleaning Davie

  • Replacing Grout line in big Commercial Kitchens can be very expensive and time- consuming

  • A lot happens in the kitchens of restaurants and cafés

  • Constant heavy foot traffic day in and day out

  • At all hours of the day, it is busy

  • stains from spills and cleaning

  • Wear and tear due to heavy footfall

  • The cheaper option is sand and cement used as grout, but the porosity is very high and absorbs all dirt and spills

  • Sand and cement causes very easy staining

  • These tiles and grout lines become a breeding ground for bacteria

These are some of the major problems that come with restaurant and café tiles. Another place of major health risk is the kitchen in which the food and drinks are made. Commercial kitchens have been found most affected by a substance called oleic acid. This acid is a combination of fats and oil that is formed during cooking or frying food specifically. This flows through grouts and under tiles and can cause tiles to loosen and cause cracks or breaks.

The first DIY solution for all restaurants and cafes to clean floors and kitchen floors quite often throughout the day. This removes the bacteria and dirt that is there on the surface. The only problem is it cannot clean what is below or better the tile or grout layers. This can cause bacteria and infections and if not cleaned at regular intervals might lead to severe damage. If you try to apply harsh chemicals, it might increase the damage and detach tiles from the adhesive that holds them together.

How to Make Commercial Kitchen Tiles Last Longer?

To ensure that is grout lines stays perfect and last longer it is good to get commercial kitchen floors cleaned at least once a month depending on footfall. Professional cleaners understand the need of the floors and use only chemicals that are good and don't harm the tiles. They also seal the grout lines if possible to make them last longer. Many fast food outlets have switched to professional tile and grout cleaning for their floors which maintain both cleanliness and hygiene.

Leaving floors flesh and helping them last longer. Professional tile and grout cleaners thoroughly deep clean your floor without you having to worry about any damage with harsh chemicals.

Dri & Kleen have experts who understand the need and environment of tiles and offer suitable solutions that make a remarkable difference.

For all tiles and grout queries for commercial kitchens or tiled areas, contact us Dri & Kleen home services at 305-742-1620. We have been serving all residential and commercial tiles and grouts in Dania Beach and Cooper City for two decades.