Tile & Grout Cleaning in Hollywood, Florida

Grout is very tricky to clean as they are extremely porous. There is a good chance that dirt is left behind even after you have swept the floor thoroughly. Also sometimes when we quickly mop floors, we tend to miss some spots or areas as the grout lines can have dirt in between the layers. If your tiles are spoiling the aesthetic view of your home,  you should try Dri & Kleen Home Services for all Tile & Grout surfaces in Hollywood.

It is imperative to seal the grout lines after a thorough cleaning. Grout Sealing is a form of protection of tiles and grout lines. Grout lines are prone to absorbing oil, grease or other liquid residues. This leads to discoloration of grout lines, which need to be professionally cleaned to avoid bacteria and germs. Grout sealants are completely transparent and hence will never affect the coloring of your tiles. So you can have great looking tiles yet protected tiles. After the grout sealant is applied, it is easy to clean and maintain tile surfaces.

There are different types of stained grouts -

Tile & Grout Cleaning Hollywood

  • Light Stained Grout - All kinds of simple homemade solutions that go with your tile surface can help in this process. Do not scrub too aggressively as it might pull out the grout completely. Follow a systematic method with gloves and goggles so that the splashes do not hurt your skin or eyes. Keep the area ventilated at all times and rinse with plain water once cleaning is done.

  • Deep Stained Grout  - If the grout is too affected it is best to call professional help who will use special solutions to help you clean without any hassle. If the spills entire the layers it will be tough to clean it at home, so it best to try professional help. Do not bleach whatever the condition may be.

  • New Tiles and Grout - It is good to start with protecting from the very start. So just after you have installed you should use a grout sealant and get a professional cleaning at least once a year. Depending on traffic once in 6 months is also a possibility.

Getting rid of residue after every cleaning

Tiles just start looking dull because of the residues of detergents. The soapy residues remain if not cleaned with water thoroughly. Sometimes mild acids help, for example, you can use lemon juice on ceramic tiles, but the same can never be used for marbles. Clean it plain water and clean with dry cloth.

The simple secret to great looking tiles and grout lines in to keep it clean on a regular basis. To get thorough cleaning in Hallandale Beach, call Dri & Kleen Home Services on 305-742-1620.