Tile & Grout Cleaning in Lantana, Florida

Dri & Kleen Home Services provides professional tile cleaning and grout sealing services in Lantana, Florida. DIY methods of cleaning tile floors are extremely hard work which can get messy if exact proportions are not used.

Moreover, it is nearly impossible to get same results that professional tile and grout cleaners assure. Dri & Kleen Home Services provide quality service and clean tile surfaces and helps you save on expensive tile replacement processes.

Lantana is a highly polluted town, according to the pollution index it is 500% below the national average.The highest temperature is reached in August which is around 83 degrees, and the lowest is hit in February around 69 degrees as stated by areavibes. Pollution can dirty tiles much faster; hence Lantana needs special tile and grout cleaning. Air quality heavily affects tiles and grout lines.

Get your tiles and grout a fresh and nice look with Dri & Kleen Home Services

The most affected areas in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom. The moisture accumulates and affects tile and grout lines. You might have to spend hours on hands and knees trying the scrub the dirty tiles and grout lines only to see them dirty in weeks. These areas need special cleaning as compared to other regions in the house. Other than moisture another reason why these tiles need more care is that more than often we use white or light color tiles for both these places.

The most common reasons for discolored tile floors -

Tile & Grout Cleaning Lantana

  • Regular exposure to water

  • Extreme exposure to dust

  • Spills of any kind

  • Moisture accumulation

  • Lack of ventilation

  • Detergent or soap build up from mopping/ bathing

Simple tips to keep clean tile floors and avoid discoloration -

  • Immediate cleaning of all spills

  • vacuum tile floors regularly

  • Don't let anything fall and dry on the tile floor

  • After sweeping just use water to clean again, this would ensure no detergent remains on tiles

  • Avoid bleach or other harsh chemicals

  • Especially in kitchen and bathrooms, wash tiles after you are done

Grouts are Porous in nature and absorb spills easily to avoid discolored grout lines!

  • Remove old grout line with new ones

  • Steam cleaning

  • Professional chemicals for cleaning grout

  • Professional color sealing

Workflow of professional tile and grout cleaners -

  • Inspection of floor

  • Suggesting best treatment as per floor and environmental conditions

  • Use professional solutions to remove stains from tiles and grout lines

  • Use proper brush and other equipment to loosen dirt and remove them

  • Detailed deep cleaning of heavy footfall areas

  • Steam cleaning or any other that is deemed fit

  • A final cleaning with water to ensure that soap or detergent is not left behind

Dri & Kleen Home Services offer both commercial and residential tile and grout cleaning. Our equipment is environmentally friendly and costs just $0.25 PER SQ. FT. We also offer tile and grout cleaning in Hypoluxo and Greenacres, Florida for over two decades. To book an appointment call - 305-742-1620.