Tile & Grout Cleaning in Sunrise, Florida

Some kinds of dirt are difficult to spot with the naked eye; dirt gets trapped in the tile pores especially in grout lines and making floors dingy and dull. Dri & Kleen Home Services is your one stop solution for all professional tile and grout cleaning in Pompano Beach, Sunrise & Tamarac, Florida with over 20 years of industry experience in both commercial and residential floors.

If you have tried cleaning tile floors or mopping them with traditional floor cleaners who might, that realized that traditional cleaning methods just don’t do the desired job. Only professional cleaners with state-of-the-art can do the trick. They help you restore your tile and grout to like new; the difference will amaze you.   

Why Should You Choose Dri & Kleen Home Services for Tile and Grout Cleaning?

Tile & Grout Cleaning Sunrise

  • State of the art technology
  • Latest techniques
  • Over two decades of experience
  • Eco-Friendly techniques
  • Free Estimates
  • Proper grout sealing
  • Damage control

Taking proper care and thorough cleaning of tile floors regularly and professionally ensure its longevity. It also helps you save your time and money on untimely replacement of tiles.

Dri & Kleen Home Services use non-acidic cleaners which not only helps in preserving the environment but also in extracting dirt of floors and grout lines.

High-pressure hot water and vacuum also contribute to losing the grim and cleaning floors efficiently. In addition to deep cleaning your tile and grout, a good layer of grout sealing help you keep floors clean and shiny for longer periods of time.

The problem with household methods is that it often masks the grime and not clean it. Professional cleaners deep clean to remove dirt and bacteria from the deepest layers and helps you lengthen the lifespan of the tile without hassle. Without realizing many of us are damaging the environment with our harmful chemicals.

From offices to banks or even schools with tile and grout need deep cleaning at least once a year depending on foot traffic. Tile and grout in any commercial setting require more cleaning as compared to residential areas as the footfall and spillage are much higher than in closed homely spaces.

Keeping the environment into consideration, it is important that you utilize eco-friendly cleaning and sealing solutions which professional cleaners provide.

The problem with grout is that there is much more beneath the layers that are not visible to you. Most tile floors and grout lines are porous, and well-maintained tile flooring makes rooms look great. With regular spillage and dirt, grout lines get dirty, and the dirt seeps in the layers.

Grout lines are porous and absorb dirt, oils, and mopping detergent which gets settled between the lines. This becomes permanent and breeding ground for bacterial growth. If your grout lines have not been cleaned in a long time, professional cleaning is the best option.

Dri & Kleen Home Services bring forth years of expertise and trained professionals and help restore the shine to make tiles look new for years. For all tile and grout cleaning services in Tamarac, Pompano Beach & Sunrise, call 305-742-1620 today for a free estimate.